The Bachelor Summer Games is postponed due to coronavirus

'The Bachelor Summer Games' 2020 Is Canceled Due To The Coronavirus


Amid many TV show pauses and delays due to the coronavirus, ABC's The Bachelor Summer Games 2020 is canceled, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The spinoff was set to air in tandem with the 2020 Summer Olympics, which has instead been postponed until 2021. As of now, it's unclear whether the Bachelor version will follow suit and try again next year.

This news comes as no surprise after production of Clare Crawley's upcoming season of The Bachelorette, which was set to premiere on May 18, was put on hold due to coronavirus concerns. Chris Harrison announced on March 13 that the series, which was just about to begin production, was being delayed. While this will hopefully result in a safe season of filming and, potentially, a recast of some of Clare's (very young) cast, fans have been wondering how delaying The Bachelorette would affect the ret of the franchise's schedule.

Summer Games, which was modeled after the 2018 Bachelor Winter Games, was set to air coinciding the 2020 Summer Olympics. Contestants from the global Bachelor universe were supposed to compete against each other in physical feats, and potentially find love along the way. However, since Summer Games wasn't expected to be strictly about finding a romantic partner, coupled-up contestants such as Jordan Rogers and Colton Underwood were among those rumored to be potential cast members.

While the fate surrounding The Bachelor's other summer spinoff, Bachelor In Paradise, is still unknown, ABC exec Robert Mills told Juliet Litman on The Bachelor Party podcast they're doing everything they can to keep things moving. "We are going to be as nimble as possible and try to keep the train on the track as best as possible," he said.

That said, with strict travel restrictions in place, only time will tell when/if Bachelor Nation's favorite shows will return. In the meantime, fans can follow Chris Harrison on social media, since he's been known to keep everyone in the loop for updates, and be on the lookout for reruns of the most popular seasons that could be airing soon.

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