Hannah B. Isn't The Bachelorette, But She *Could* Return To Bachelor Nation Soon

Jim Spellman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the reasons Bachelor Nation is up in arms right now has nothing to do with Peter Weber's ongoing season of The Bachelor — rather, it's about the upcoming Bachelorette, who is not, in fact Hannah Brown. But while fans are bummed they won't see her as the lead again, all hope is not lost about Hannah's future with the franchise. With the announcement of a new Bachelor Nation show (one of many hitting screens this year) fans are wondering: Will Hannah Brown be on The Bachelor Summer Games?

In case you're new to the idea of The Bachelor Summer Games, it will be modeled after the 2018 Bachelor Winter Games, and will air around the same time as the actual Olympics, just after Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette and before the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Summer Games is going to be full of, you guessed it, summer sports. While steamy flings are also expected to be part of the package, it appears this particular spinoff will have more of an athletic, competitive vibe as opposed to being just about finding love. Still, as with anything in the Bachelor universe, heartbreak and happily-ever-afters will likely be part of the package.

Despite Summer Games still being early in development, ideas for who will be in the cast are already getting thrown around, and Hannah is definitely on the minds of many. "The Beast" became known for her take-charge attitude and dog-eat-dog zest on Colton's Bachelor season, so many fans believe she would be a phenomenal addition to the cast of this new show.

Luckily, even though she reportedly turned down the opportunity to be the lead of The Bachelorette this upcoming season, it seems Hannah is not entirely turning her back on Bachelor Nation just yet. ABC's senior vice president of alternative programming, Rob Mills, revealed the former Bachelorette may be into the idea of joining Summer Games. Speaking on SiriusXM’s The Bachelor Recap about the franchise favorites who might participate, Mills said, “Hannah B., too, has also said, ‘I find this interesting,’ because she likes to win."

As for the rest of the cast, Mills revealed he has a wish-list of fan-favorites he'd like to see on the show. On The Ringer’s Bachelor Party podcast, he said, "There’s certain people that you’d love to see, I mean, I’d love to see Jordan [Rodgers] or Colton [Underwood]," indicating the group of competitors wouldn't have to be full of single folks.

Stay tuned for more information on The Bachelor Summer Games as it's announced.