The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 6 Premiere Date Was Pushed Back, But Don't Worry

ABC/Paul Hebert

Bachelor Nation is halfway through Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, which means that new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise are just around the corner. When ABC previously announced its summer TV premieres, Season 6 of the spinoff series was originally slated for a late July premiere, but fans will now have to keep their fruity cocktails on hold for a bit longer than expected. The Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 premiere date was pushed back, so you'll just have to keep calm for its debut a week later than scheduled.

Bachelor in Paradise promos haven't hit the airwaves yet, but ABC announced back in April that Season 6 would begin on Monday, July 29, which is about a week earlier than past seasons. As Hannah's Bachelorette season premiered about two weeks earlier than usual this May, it made sense that Paradise would also kick off before its typical starting point of early August. But on June 14, the Paradise Twitter account announced in a post that the new season will now premiere on Monday, Aug. 5. Looks like Bachelor Nation has solid entertainment for the dog days of summer, after all. Start planning your viewing party drinks now!

ABC has yet to release its official cast list for Season 6, but now that the premiere date is public, fans can likely expect the stars' names soon. The Paradise cast is usually revealed several weeks into a Bachelorette season so viewers have time to get to know the men who will make up the majority of the males on the Mexican beach. I have no complaints about ABC sticking to this tradition — after all, how else would audiences have learned that John Paul Jones is a national treasure?

While the cast will mostly consist of Hannah's men and Colton Underwood's Bachelor women, viewers can also look out for contestants from older seasons who want a second chance at love. Season 14 runner-up Blake Horstmann has been vocal about going to Paradise if he was single at the time of filming, and seeing as Twitter is hoping for a match between him and The Bachelor's Hannah Godwin, people may have a case of instant love to anticipate this year. Full-on matchmaking mode can't commence until the cast is announced, but I'm ready for Bachelor Nation's theories like The Bachelorette's Peter is ready to talk about being a pilot.

As exciting as daydreaming of Paradise is, viewers still have quite the wait before the season starts. Hannah and her remaining men have just started traveling internationally on The Bachelorette, meaning that fans still have large group dates, hometown visits, and fantasy suites to get through.

The most recent episode on June 11 ended on a cliffhanger, fueling speculation about whether Luke P. will be eliminated after a one-on-one date or remain on the show. Either way, most fans can probably do without a Luke P. cameo on this season of Paradise. Fingers crossed for enjoying a Paradise season without having to worry about men and their extreme behavior, right?

Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, June 17, on ABC. Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres on Monday, Aug. 5.