These John Paul Jones 'Bachelorette' Memes Are The Best Thing You'll See Today


When men clash on The Bachelorette thanks to a very physical group date or just a matter of personalities, the results are unintentionally pretty comical. Where else would you find grown adults taking chicken nuggets and rugby games so seriously? June 3's episode focused primarily on tension between the two Lukes and whether one intentionally attacked the other during a rugby game, but in between these glares, fan favorite John Paul Jones lightened the mood. In case you missed out on his hilarious expressions and one-liners, delve into these John Paul Jones Bachelorette memes for a truly rose-worthy laugh.

When the 24-year-old financial analyst arrived on Night One of Hannah Brown's season, he caught fans' attention for introducing himself as John Paul Jones and essentially shutting down all possibilities of being called otherwise. Opinions on him were mixed at the time, with some fans already feeling sick of his unique persona and others totally on board for his antics. Twitter briefly exploded when he received the night's final rose over internet fave Matt Donald, thus it wasn't until the following weeks that John Paul Jones began to win over more viewers.

Although a deleted scene of Hannah giving him a haircut made the rounds within Bachelor Nation, John Paul Jones still hasn't exactly appeared in lengthy interviews or conversations with the men on The Bachelorette. Instead, amidst other contestants' drama, viewers have grown to appreciate him for his innocuous expressions and quips and simply being John Paul Jones. In Episode 4, the Maryland native reading his own name aloud sent Dylan into giggles, and the pair exchanged hilariously fed-up looks when Luke S. and Luke P. began arguing with each other.

Most importantly, John Paul Jones' dedication to the group date's rugby game and obliviousness to anything else sent fans on Twitter into hysterics.

While other men have fought with each other throughout the season, the elusive John Paul Jones has consistently chilled in the background, living his best life. He's continued to be so casual that Bachelorette fans even joked that his seemingly non-existent bond with Hannah is one of the most entertaining parts of the season. To be clear, no one's complaining — if anything, they want even more of John Paul Jones being his best self. Has anyone made a YouTube compilation reel of his best moments yet?

Of course, the tweets about who John Paul Jones and his luscious locks resemble most haven't tapered off either. Anyone else think that the Mamma Mia! comparison is genius?

Episode 4 ended with a "To Be Continued" before the rose ceremony began, so fans have to wait and see if John Paul Jones sticks around for another week. If not, I have my fingers crossed that he has a Bachelor in Paradise stint in his future. Thanks for proving any sour first impressions wrong, John Paul Jones!

Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 11, on ABC.