Bachelor Nation Can't Get Enough Of Matt Donald After Watching His Limo Entrance

ABC/Ed Herrera

Bachelor Nation can always count on a season premiere for some silly songs, but Hannah Brown's first night at the mansion must have been a franchise standout for musical numbers. Plenty of men introduced themselves with a song, and one contestant found the perfect musical opportunity to share his backstory with Hannah. After his limo entrance, fans are all asking: Who is Matt Donald on The Bachelorette?

Season 15 of The Bachelorette also has a Matthew, but instead of resorting to these men's initials to tell them apart, Matt Donald received the last name treatment. The 26-year-old medical device salesman from Los Gatos, California, even starred in an intro package during the premiere, revealing that his parents and brother were deaf, they were all Alabama Crimson Tide fans, and he helps out at a farm. Matt was also already sporting a little crush on Hannah because of her well-documented love of Alabama football. It's practically a match made by the sports gods themselves!

In case the coincidental nature of his name and farm appearance didn't hit you immediately, Matt made it obvious with his arrival at the mansion. Driving up in a tractor and wearing a straw hat, Matt climbed off his ride and launched into song. ICYMI, here are the lyrics:

I'm Matt Donald and I'm really nervous / And I hope I catch your eye / There's a bro bro here and a bro bro there / Here's a bro, there's a bro, everyone's a bro bro / I'm Matt Donald and I love your smile / And I hope I get a rose

It turns out that Matt's childhood friends used to call him Old Matt Donald after the Old MacDonald nursery rhyme, which is a pretty witty story to strengthen a first impression. He may not be an actual farmer, but Matt's unique entrance definitely entertained his fellow contestants. It also had fans dying on Twitter:

Viewers also enjoyed Matt's sweet personality when he was seen talking to Hannah later in the night.

Surprisingly, Matt's song-and-dance moment wasn't enough to earn him a rose at the end of the night, but it's hard to believe that this is the last Bachelor Nation will see of him. Is there room for Old Matt Donald on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise? In case any Bachelor alums are interested, Matt's ABC bio reads:

Matt Donald is an old-fashioned guy who loves to bring flowers to a girl on a first date. When he's not killing it in the medical device sales game, he's spending time with his family and watching Alabama football. Matt's brother and parents are deaf, and he grew up speaking sign language. We love a man that can communicate what he's thinking with his hands without ever saying a word, and we think Hannah will too.

Well, he wasn't quite right for Hannah, but I'm hopeful that Matt will find a lady who loves his creativity. Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, May 20, on ABC.