Stop Everything, The 'American Horror Story: 1984' Teaser Trailer Has Arrived


American Horror Story fans have been eagerly awaiting more details about the mysterious ninth season of the show, and now FX has finally released some new teasers that provide a first look at AHS: 1984. The new clip features two scenes, showing the person who will likely be the killer throughout the new season and confirming AHS: 1984 will indeed be a play on '80s slasher movies. The American Horror Story: 1984 teaser trailer turns summer camp into a bloody nightmare.

The brief, minute-long teaser trailer features two short scenes that set the tone for American Horror Story: 1984. In the first scene, a group of rowdy teenagers are drinking beers and blasting music while driving to a place called Camp Redwood in the 1980s, but the jovial scene takes a dark turn when the back of the Camp Redwood sign is revealed to have the word "Beware" scrawled onto it in big red letters, and viewers then see a masked, knife-wielding person holding onto the bottom of the pickup truck.

The second scene shows a group of campers playing at a lake, when suddenly the assumed killer jumps out of the water to stab a woman lounging in a canoe. Check out the full teaser trailer below:

Sadly, the new teaser does not include glimpses of any of the upcoming season's main cast, but AHS fans have come to expect these pre-season teasers to be more thematic than to contain any actual scenes from the show. This teaser confirms the already widely believed theory that AHS: 1984 will be the show's take on '80s slasher movies, and that the primary setting for the new season will be a summer camp called Camp Redwood.

Most importantly, the video teases the person who may be the main antagonist of the season: a masked serial killer who carries a knife and has a penchant for popping up in unexpected places. Notably, the killer is shown to have a full head of long, dark hair in the teasers, which may throw off those fans who were expecting John Carroll Lynch, who previously played the AHS: Freak Show villain Twisty the Clown, to be playing the killer this season. That casting now doesn't seem so likely, since the cast reveal teaser shows that Lynch's character will have stringy hair in the new season, unlike the hair shown on the killer in these teasers.

It looks more like AHS newcomer Zach Villa may be playing the killer in the new season. The cast reveal teaser showed in addition to his character having long, full hair like the killer seen in the new teasers, he was also shown wearing a black leather jacket and even holding a knife.

Of course, as I mentioned, these teasers are usually more thematic than actually indicative of specific characters, so I may be reading into the killer's appearance too much. Still, half the fun of being an American Horror Story fan is trying to piece everything together as soon as possible.

The new season will star a mix of AHS veterans and franchise newcomers. Returning to the show in new roles will be Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern, Leslie Grossman, and John Carroll Lynch; joining the series for the first time will be Gus Kenworthy, Angelica Ross, Matthew Morrison, DeRon Horton, and Zach Villa. Sadly, AHS' two perfect-attendance actors are taking a backseat this season: Evan Peters will not appear for the first time in franchise history, and Sarah Paulson reportedly has a very small role.

American Horror Story: 1984 will premiere on Sept. 18 on FX.