The 'Always Be My Maybe' Soundtrack Is Your Perfect Summer Playlist


Netflix's latest rom-com Always Be My Maybe is not just a totally endearing and hilarious love story; it also features an absolutely banger-filled soundtrack full of Bay Area hip hop, throwback grooves, and even some hilariously catchy original songs. If you found yourself jamming along to the songs in the movie while you were watching it, then here is everything you need to know about the Always Be My Maybe soundtrack. And yes, those original Hello Peril songs are actually available to stream on Spotify.

The soundtrack of Always Be My Maybe is heavily influenced by its setting in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the throwback nostalgia of the '90s and early 2000s that defined Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus' (Randall Park) strong friendship growing up. And while the songs that score the movie definitely add a ton of flavor, the film goes the extra mile in the music department to actually release three original songs performed by Marcus' band Hello Peril. Fans do not have to rewatch the movie whenever they want to hear Hello Peril, because the fictional group's three rap tracks ("Hello," "Tennis Ball," and "I Punched Keanu Reeves") are all available on Spotify to stream to your hearts content the next time you need the confidence of someone who punched Keanu Reeves.

While the original songs obviously stand out when performed in Always Be My Maybe, there are also several important music moments that revolve around classic throwbacks. The first big song in the movie plays right at the beginning, as Oakland rap collective Souls of Mischief's 1993 track "93 'til Infinity" scores a heartwarming montage of Sasha and Marcus growing up together.

The track becomes emblematic of Sasha and Marcus' fun-filled relationship throughout the movie, as we see Sasha smiling while listening to the song during a sterile moment in her relationship with her financier fiancé Brandon Choi (Daniel Dae Kim) and Marcus getting stoned and practicing his dance moves to the track in his bedroom. The song's laid-back, conversational flow also seems to be a clear influence on Marcus' own musical style.

The other song the becomes hugely definitive of Sasha and Marcus' relationship is D'Angelo's sultry 2000 R&B track "Untitled (How Does It Feel)." Although teenage Sasha clearly did not actually know the words to the song, it led to her and Marcus' first hook-up in the back seat of his car... and their big fall-out just moments later.

At the climax of the movie, Marcus rushes to New York to make his big declaration of love to Sasha, and that moment of triumph is perfectly scored by Big Freedia and Lizzo's frenetic, feel-good anthem "Karaoke."

And of course, the final song that looms large over Sasha and Marcus' love story is the classic pop ballad that inspired the movie's very title. Mariah Carey's hit song plays as the film fades to its end credits, underscoring how Sasha and Marcus' lifelong bond was always leading them towards a deeper romance.

Always Be My Maybe is available to stream now on Netflix.