The 'Always Be My Maybe' Cast Has Some Inventive Ideas For A Possible Sequel


Netflix has continued its recent streak of releasing original romantic comedies with its latest feel-good love story, Always Be My Maybe. Although the movie's ending ties up everyone's story nicely, we are living in the age of sequels, especially when it comes to Netflix original movies. So, will there be an Always Be My Maybe sequel? The cast and crew of the movie have actually shared some ideas for how Sasha and Marcus' love story could continue in a follow-up movie.

Spoiler alert: This post includes spoilers for Always Be My Maybe. The new romantic comedy feels both like a classic rom-com from the genre's heyday in the 1990s as well as a completely fresh love story for the modern day. Always Be My Maybe centers on the lifelong friendship of Sasha (Ali Wong) and Marcus (Randall Park), who grew up next door to one another in San Francisco and developed a strong bond due to Sasha's parents rarely being around and Marcus' family being so welcoming to her. But after their friendship took a nosedive into a sloppy hookup in Marcus' car when they were teenagers, followed by a major fight, the two went their separate ways: Sasha moving to New York to become a mega-successful celebrity chef and Marcus remaining in San Francisco to work at his father's repair business.

Since this is a romantic comedy, you already know how this story ends. Sasha and Marcus reunite in San Francisco and after a bunch of blow-ups, flirtation, and even a totally unexpected appearance by Keanu Reeves, the childhood besties rekindle the romance they briefly started years ago and end up together. Marcus adapts to Sasha's red-carpet lifestyle and takes her advice to push his band further, and Sasha rebukes trendy, complex recipes to open a restaurant dedicated to the hearty home cooking that she learned from Marcus' mother.

So, what possible sequel could follow up such a perfect, happy ending? Well, director Nahnatchka Khan told IndieWire that she has a sequel idea that would continue to play with the movie's Mariah Carey-inspired title:

I was just joking with those guys that if you do a sequel, you could actually go back to the original Mariah [Carey] title of the song and do Always Be My Baby and then have a baby.

Following Sasha and Marcus' relationship into parenthood actually does seem like a perfect route to take, especially since Ali Wong is best known for her stand-up specials that feature her visibly pregnant and revolve largely around the specifics of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood (2016's Baby Cobra and 2018's Hard Knock Wife).

Ali Wong and Michelle Buteau both pitched the idea of following Buteau's character of Sasha's best friend and assistant Veronica in a potential sequel. Veronica ends the film giving birth to her child, and exhaling that postpartum depression is real at Sasha's restaurant opening. Along with Veronica, Nahnatchka Khan also threw in the idea of following Daniel Dae Kim's character of wealthy financier Brandon, possibly delving into his newfound relationship with Padma Lakshmi.

With all of these ideas being thrown around, it sounds like Always Be My Maybe fans can actually keep their hopes up for a potential sequel at some point.