The 'Always Be My Maybe' Bloopers Will Make You Fall In Love With The Cast Even More

by Dylan Kickham

One of the most refreshing parts about Netflix's latest romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe is that the lead characters of Sasha and Marcus actually crack jokes with one another that make each other laugh. And finding that humorous chemistry should not have been hard for Ali Wong and Randall Park, both of whom are amazing comedians. Not every scene was filmed on the first take, though, and a newly released blooper reel shows just how much fun the cast had making this movie. These Always Be My Maybe bloopers will make you fall in love with the rom-com's cast all over again.

Two weeks after Always Be My Maybe premiered on Netflix, the streaming service dropped a giggle-filled, behind-the-scenes video chronicling all the times that the cast just could not keep a straight face while filming the hilarious movie. The blooper reel includes Ali Wong and Randall Park cracking up over a broken spoon and struggling to film their cramped car hook-up scene without laughing. One of the biggest laughs, though, comes from the scene where Vivian Bang's free-spirited character Jenny proudly serves Ali Wong's Sasha a gross place of sausage and noodles. Both Wong and Bang cannot stop cracking up every time they look at the ridiculous meal, with Wong even asking that they make the plate less funny.

And of course, the best gift of all is another glimpse at Keanu Reeves in character as the hilarious, pretentious version of himself from the movie. In the new clip, Reeves launches into another one of his self-aggrandizing tales about working on Speed, but the pretentiousness just became too much for real Keanu as he stops mid-line to say "I'm not doing this" while laughing. Check out the blooper reel for yourself below:

Although the blooper reel is only a quick minute-and-a-half video, it definitely brings all the joy of Always Be My Maybe. And this may actually not be the last that fans see of these characters, as the film's cast and director Nahnatchka Khan have been teasing some sequel ideas since the movie premiered.

There have been pitches about refocusing a potential sequel to center on side characters like Michelle Buteau's new mom Veronica or Daniel Dae Kim's work-obsessed playboy Brandon, but the idea that seems to hold the most weight is to follow up on Sasha and Marcus' life after they get married and are starting to deal with parenthood. After all, Ali Wong is most famous for her comedy special's that focus heavily on pregnancy and motherhood, and Randall Park is best known for playing a goofy but loving father of three on Fresh Off the Boat, so tackling parenthood in a potential sequel would be a comfortable area for both actors. Not to mention the fact that the movie title already kind of hints at the perfect name for a sequel focused on parenthood, with the potential to directly reference the Mariah Carey classic this time with the name Always Be My Baby.

But until we get any actual news about a sequel happening or not, at least fans can continue to laugh it up with the Always Be My Maybe cast in this new blooper reel.