Gary and Darcy in 'A Million Little Things' Season 3

Relationships Are Falling Apart In This New 'A Million Little Things' Promo

ABC/Jack Rowand

Life has never been simple for Gary, Rome, Eddie, and the rest of the A Million Little Things gang — and don't expect that to change any time soon. Throughout Season 3, all the main characters have been dealing with stuff — including substance use disorder, an abortion, and professional woes — all while the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold of all the characters' lives. According to the A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 7 promo, it's not going to get any easier going forward.

Warning: Spoilers for A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 6 follow. Let's start with Eddie. Following his tragic accident at the end of Season 2, Eddie has not been adjusting well to his new circumstances. Episode 6 saw him delve deeper into his substance use disorder, resorting to secretly getting painkillers from his music collaborator, Dakota, to cope with his physical pain and emotional stress. In the promo for the March 25 episode, it looks like he might come clean to Katherine and get help.

Then, there's the Gary-Darcy, Maggie-Jamie situation. Maggie's return to the United States certainly put a strain on Darcy and Gary's still-new relationship. Now, with Maggie's roommate and friend-with-benefits Jamie now stateside as well — and seemingly stuck there due to pandemic-related travel restrictions — things are only getting more complicated. After Jamie surprised Maggie in Boston to help her recover following her abortion, it certainly seemed like real romance would be in the cards for the two hookup buddies. However, the Episode 7 promo hints they still have a lot to learn about each other. Whether their situation has anything to do with Gary and Darcy's latest fight remains to be seen.

It turns out, the promo doesn't even cover everything that will happen in the upcoming episode. There's also a side arc with Regina that sounds just as stressful:

Regina is faced with making difficult changes to keep Someday afloat during the COVID lockdown, while Eddie struggles to keep his secret drug addiction under wraps. Elsewhere, Maggie fears she may have revealed a bit too much on her podcast.

A Million Little Things continues Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.