The 6 Best Destinations For Your First Solo Trip Will Make A Lasting Impression

by Ciara Johnson
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Solo travel is totally having its moment right now. From someone who's spent the past few years traveling the globe alone, I can definitely understand why. At first thought, taking a trip by yourself might seem like an unusual choice. A lot of people book vacations to share their experiences with family and friends. However, travel can be equally rewarding when you go by yourself. It's an incredible opportunity to connect with the world around you, and ditch the distractions of your everyday life. You also get the chance to meet likeminded travelers from all over the world. Here are some of the best destinations for your first solo trip, if you're ready to give it a try.

If you're intimidated by the idea of solo travel, you're not alone. Sure, you're traveling to a new place all by yourself without knowing a soul. There's also the fear of getting lonely or feeling bored. It's important to ease your way into solo travel so that you feel as comfortable as possible. You'll definitely understand the hype once you do; you'll learn to love your own company and truly embrace unknown adventures.

When it comes to planning your first solo trip, consider choosing your destination wisely. Any of these six spots will make you fall in love with the solo travel experience.

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Let's be honest: There's no place like Iceland. You'll have a blast chasing waterfalls and endless rainbows; the otherworldly landscapes will make you and your social media followers swoon beyond compare.

You should consider renting a campervan to make the most of your time there. It'll allow you to completely embrace the freedom you have as a solo traveler, and you can base your itinerary around anything you'd like.

New York, New York

You'll never get bored in "The City That Never Sleeps." From exploring museums and checking out quaint coffee shops, to hitting up SoHo and grabbing a slice at a dollar pizza joint, New York City is a playground for the girl who loves to be on the go at all times.

With so many people from around the world, you're bound to make new friends in just about no time. Go for a solo stroll through Central Park, admire the works of art in the Museum of Modern Art, take a selfie on the Brooklyn Bridge, and eat your heart out in New York City's trendiest restaurants.

Paris, France

Paris is always a good idea, especially when you're traveling solo. There are so many things you can get up to in the "City of Love." Spend the day browsing the world-renowned Louvre Museum, cozy up with some books at Shakespeare and Company bookstore, people-watch at a cafe with a fresh croissant, and have a solo picnic under the Eiffel Tower. You can even check out Airbnb experiences for photo shoots and bike tours led by locals.

Bali, Indonesia
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If you've read Eat, Pray, Love, then you probably know a thing or two about exploring Bali solo. The serene atmosphere and rich culture make Bali such an exciting place to be. You can swim in the waterfalls, try the local cuisine, ride motorbikes into the sunset, attend a yoga retreat, take surfing lessons, and so much more. There's a reason people go to Bali and never want to leave.

Berlin, Germany
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Berlin is a creative city that has so much to offer, especially to solo travelers. The city is known for its incredible nightlife, so you'll have no problem exploring and meeting people along the way. Be sure to join a pub crawl if you want to easily make friends as you drink some of the best beer the city has to offer. Rise early enough so that you can check out Berlin's street art and historic sites during the day.

Austin, Texas

Austin just might be the perfect U.S. destination for your first solo trip. If you love food (especially tacos), the great outdoors, and music, then you'll fall in love with this vibrant city.

The city is lined with interesting food trucks, and a variety of music festivals take place nearly every season. Don't forget to try out Austin nightlife by hitting up Rainey Street, where homes have been converted into trendy bars.