These 5 Girls Did NOT Mess Around When It Came To Their Looks For "Women Tell All"

ABC/Eric McCandless

Thank God we've almost made it to the end of this Bachelor season, you guys. You all know I'm a slave to this damn show, but if I have to hear drama about people being there for the right reasons or about who's ready to be engaged, I'm swearing off the franchise for good. (LOL, just kidding, I'm trapped, help me.) As I've said time and time again, however, the only thing keeping me afloat this season are the ~lewks~ these girls have continuously served. And trust me, once you see the best outfits from "Women Tell All," these will be your fave Bachelor looks to date.

With a season filled with one-too-many workout-centric group dates (don't even get me started on that), I'll admit I wasn't expecting much in the realm of fashion. But what was I thinking? It's 2019, and these girls are all here to prove my *ss wrong. From the truly jaw-dropping entrance gowns the contestants debuted on night one to the cute-and-casual date looks throughout the season to the rose ceremony dresses that were honestly worthy of all the roses themselves, consider me inspired and consider my wallet frightened. Now, prepare to drool over these five "Women Tell All" outfits.

5. Caelynn


Caelynn may have just had her heart broken into a million little pieces, but hey, at least she looks freaking good tonight, right? She really did stun tonight in a high-neck halter dress in a really yummy dark turquoise. The whole dress had a slight shimmer, and the overall look, to me, read, "I'm still in mourning, but I'm still hot, so don't sleep on me."

4. Kirpa


Toward the latter half of the season, Kirpa showcased some pretty fire looks, TBH. The gold cocktail dress with fanned out sequin detailing over the whole dress was the cherry on top of her wardrobe choices. Complementing the 'fit was gold jewelry and gold heels, bringing new meaning to the term "gilded goddess."

3. Catherine


I know you're not here to learn about me, but IDGAF. Please know that I live for a suit moment. And if you don't, then I don't understand you, and I never will. But I digress. Anyway, this pink pantsuit moment from this season's ~initial~ "villain" Catherine puts out enough Big Pantsuit Energy to carry me through 2019, I think.

2. Caitlin


Didn't I just tell you I'm a goddamn sucker for suit? Make it a sparkly one, and I'll probably sign away my first born child for it. (Sorry, kid.) Caitlin's glimmering gold suit dress with three-quarter-length sleeves and a belted waist honestly makes me mad they didn't seat her in the front row on "Women Tell All" so I could get a better look at the outfit. And don't think I didn't spot those red bottoms on her shoes. This girl came to slay.

1. Demi


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Love her or hate her, you literally cannot deny that Demi can serve looks as well as she can serve a devastating blow in the form of a clapback. Aside from ruffling some feathers tonight (hey, it happens), she did just that with a beautifully ruffled dress.

Wearing a deep, dusty rose-colored cocktail dress with two ruffles running from each sleeve down the front panel of the dress, Demi perfectly embodied her fun-loving yet sexy personality. And those PVC heels (which seem to be similar to these babies from Public Desire)? Nobody asked me, but I'mma tell you anyway: The girl knows what she's doing when she walks into her closet. Let's hope we see an equal caliber of looks served on Bachelor in Paradise.