These 2 Girls On Colton's 'Bachelor' Season Had The *Best* Outfits During Week 7


Hello, Bachelor Nation, and welcome back to what I lovingly refer to as the Bachelor Fashion Police, with slightly less judgment and a lot less Joan Rivers. I am your host Theresa, and this week, we're breaking down the best outfits from The Bachelor week seven. And now that we've moved on from group dates with 12 girls to quickly approaching hometowns, the stakes are even higher.

This week started with Cassie, Caelynn, Kirpa, Tayshia, Hannah B., Heather, and Hannah G. returning from Asia to the states and to Denver, Colorado. Colton had just come off a pretty tough week with several girls going home, including Katie, Sydney, and Demi, all of whom shadily told Colton before leaving that they ~heard~ some of the girls left in the Bachelor Mansion were ~there for the wrong reason~. (I'm pretty sure a former Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant gets an Instagram sponsorship every time that phrase is uttered.)

All of the rumors and drama swirling around caused Colton to understandably question everything and caused the all of the girls to, put bluntly, lose their sh*t on each other. No, the fights were not at all pretty. But what was pretty? The outfits the remaining girls pulled out for this week. Seriously, ABC needs an add to cart function, because I'm ready to drop some cash on the following best looks of the night:

Honorable Mention: Biker Hannah B.


Considering the girls had just hopped off a flight back from Asia, I applaud Hannah B. for this super sleek, super sexy see-through and black leather number. She paired dark wash skinny jeans with a black bralette under a sheer black turtleneck. Basically, she looks like she's ready to kick my ass, and I like it.

Cassie And Her Hair Ribbon


Out of every casual look this episode, I'm pretty positive Cassie's neutral-toned look was my favorite. She paired a boxy beige sweater with light wash blue jeans and her signature low ponytail. But what really seals the deal on this look is the yellow polka dot hair ribbon Cassie wore. Hair accessories are having a moment this year. Cassie knows it. I know it. We all know it.

Cassie's Big Jumpsuit Energy


Cassie with the looks yet again! For the final rose ceremony of her group date with Kirpa and Hannah G., Cassie wore a bordeaux-colored jumpsuit with a deep v-neckline and slits up either side of her legs. She paired the look with soft waves and subtle gold body jewelry, and honestly, she looks so chic, yet so comfortable — two of my favorite things.


Warning: spoiler ahead. The Alabama native was really serving looks this episode. I'm as bummed as anyone that Colton ended up sending Hannah B. home, especially after he literally just took her to meet his mom and dad. (Who does that?) Honestly, though, I'm even more bummed that Hannah wasted such a prime outfit on such a lousy experience. The long sleeve, light pink, silky gown with pouffy sleeves, a plunging v-neck and ruching at the waist is one fit for a princess. I guess Colton didn't get that memo.