Twitter Can't Handle This 'Bachelor' Promo Of Colton As The 40-Year-Old Virgin

ABC/Craig Sjodin

In case you haven't heard (kidding, you definitely have), new Bachelor Colton Underwood is making headlines for being the first virgin lead of the ABC franchise. The upcoming season's first poster already alluded to what Colton may lose this year, but ABC has now gone a step further in its promotion. The 40-Year-Old Virgin-style Bachelor poster has Twitter in hysterics, and now I have my fingers crossed for a Steve Carell cameo this season.

While the 26-year-old Bachelor stuck to a serious face in his first season poster, the ad still poked at the major selling point of Colton's casting. Despite the fact that Colton's virginity wasn't actually that huge of a storyline on Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette season, the promo pic read, "What does he have to lose?" After revealing to Becca that he was still a virgin, Colton initially received more flak for his pre-show relationship with Bachelor contestant Tia Booth. The topic of his virginity briefly emerged again as fantasy suite dates approached, but the former NFL player was cut from the competition before that stage began.

As evident by the season's trailer, Colton can't dodge the fantasy suite this time around, but if ABC's take is anything to go by, he doesn't mind the virgin label. On Dec. 3, the Bachelor Twitter account released another ad, but unlike the last one, this was modeled after the poster for 2005's The 40-Year-Old Virgin, now starring Colton in the title role.

Yep, they went there.

Copying the original poster's sunny background and trademark blue-and-yellow polo, the Bachelor ad includes a rose to assure us that this isn't an unwanted Hollywood remake. However, it appears that Colton has already become friendly with the movie's director, Judd Apatow, so let's not rule out a reboot just yet.

No matter where you stand in the focus on Colton's virginity, you'll probably find a response to the photo that fits your perspective. Some fans are still pining for a reality in which Jason Tartick is the Bachelor, while others are already tired of ABC making such a big deal about Colton's sex life. A few have even taken the high road, wishing Colton the best.

Of course, one thing that we can all agree on is the hilarious ridiculousness of this marketing choice. The downside of being in between franchise seasons is always the lack of funny Bachelor tweets, and these witty comments have me psyched for live-tweeting on Mondays again.

The show's trailer hints toward at least one of the women addressing Colton's virginity early in the season. Colton also apparently discusses the matter with host Chris Harrison ahead of entering the fantasy suite, so get ready for a lot of memes about the birds and the bees this year. I guess we can look out for Colton falling in love, too, as he previously said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

I'm so ready. I'm so excited to not only meet my fiancée, my wife, but [also] the mother of my children and someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I bet Steve Carell is rooting for you, Colton!

Season 23 of The Bachelor premieres on Monday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.