The 2050 Scene In "Family Feud" By JAY-Z Is Powerful AF


Happy almost New Year to all of us, because JAY-Z's "Family Feud" video is finally here on Friday, Dec. 29 on TIDAL. What an epic way to close off a stressful week and a stressful year, aka 2017, amiright? If you don't already have a TIDAL account, you're seriously about to feel all the FOMO and should probably fix that, literally ASAP. Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and many more celebs make an appearance in the video and we can hardly handle how epic it truly is. The video itself is broken down into years, where we get a glimpse into a futuristic society. You're probably wondering what each scene entails, and the entire message JAY-Z is trying to deliver to us all in his newly released video. Well, the 2050 scene in "Family Feud" by JAY-Z is powerful AF.

The 2050 scene opens up with a group of women going to sit at a long, official table for a discussion. As the narrator reflects back to 2050 in the scene, the video begins,

As the women in the video (led by a grown-up Blue Ivy at the head of the table) discuss revising the Second Amendment to our Constitution, which "protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms," a difficult discussion ensues. One woman passionately states, "Some people should have the right to bear arms." Brie Larson follows up with, "I understand your point. In a perfect world it would be lovely if we could all just put down our weapons and get along, but that's not the world that we live in."

Beautiful, grown-up Blue Ivy listens to the women intently and closes off this scene as follows:


The scene then flashes back to her remembering a time in her childhood with her father, JAY-Z. They are walking up an aisle in church. She is dressed beautifully in a white dress with feathers, similar to the grown-up version of herself.


Once Blue Ivy sits down in one of the pews, the narrator begins speaking again:

JAY-Z is sending a powerful message in this video. We are all truly united like a family in this country. When we're fighting and disagreeing with each other, it doesn't do anyone any good. A family has to get along and support one another. If we can't live in peace and compromise at times, where will we be in the future? That truly is a terrifying thought, and it seems like JAY-Z is sending a message to everyone, because it will concern our children and more generations, as well as his Blue Ivy.

What will the world be like? It's in our hands, and only we are in control of our future.