Em Rata & Gina Rodriguez Just Made Overalls Cool AF Again, So Here Are 20 Pairs To Shop

Don't @ me, '90s, but the 2019 overalls trend is poised to outdo yours. Yes, you read that right, the classic denim bib is back and it's legitimately better than ever. Thanks to its championing by celebrities with the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, J. Lo, and Margot Robbie while out and about, as well as by Gina Rodriguez in her role as Jenny Young in Netflix's new hit movie, Someone Great, the one-piece is experiencing a sartorial renaissance of sorts and tbh, I want in on it stat.

Much like in the '90s, baggier styles with a boxier silhouette are feeling especially cool. Robbie and Ratajkowski both favor the relaxed silhouette and have styled it with a casual bra top underneath, which is also how Rodriguez's character rocks it in the film. This combination makes for the perfect summer look that will be breezy enough to brave the heat in, and it makes overalls feel slightly less dated. Ratajkowski opted for a red pair, Robbie's were striped, and Rodriguez's were classic blue. No matter what color you're into or whether you prefer overall shorts over the classic long-legged version, there's something on the market that'll strike your fancy. Check out 20 of the best options below and get ready to let your inner '90s babe shine.

Out West

Made by Wrangler, these overalls naturally have a workwear-inspired look but thanks to their cropped legs, they still feel totally modern.

In Contrast
Baby Blues

J. Crew is kind of a denim expert, so you know these are going to fit and feel like a total dream.

Cherry Baby

Shake things up a bit and opt for shorts overalls in a bright red hue! Featuring exposed stitching and frayed cuffs, these are especially unique.

Fine Lines

Featuring a traditional pinstripe print, these overalls remind me of those train conductors wore. I'm into them!

Rosy Disposition

Give you look an extra floral feel via light pink overalls that match seasonal blooms.

Seeing Red

Red looks so good in overall form that I had to include a full-length version as well. Can you blame me?

I'm Torn
The Bold Type

Channel the rainbow and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in these technicolor overalls. You certainly won't be able to enter any room unnoticed.