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The New Moon In Scorpio Is About Embracing The Unknown

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It's rare that life unfolds exactly as you want it to. Often, what results is a mess of both success and failure. Even if you get what you want, it might not feel as fulfilling as you thought it would. And if everything falls apart, you're back to square one. Luckily, square one isn't the worst place to be, especially with the 2019 new moon in Scorpio coming up.

In astrology, the lunar cycle is a monthly swell and release of energy that mirrors the movement of your life. It begins with the new moon, when you plant the seed of a fresh intention. This motivating energy gains strength as the moon surges and builds through the waxing phase, reaching a peak during the full moon, when you reap what you've sowed. As the moon wanes, you let go of what you no longer have control over, and prepare for a clean slate in the form of a new moon.

In other words, the new moon is an opportunity to start over. Whatever you begin on the new moon inevitably grows and gains strength over the next six months, when you see it blossom on the corresponding full moon. Use this energy to let go of anything that is holding you back, be it unequal relationships, toxic habits, or unhealthy thought patterns. Make a decision, no matter how small it may be, to set yourself free from something that weighs you down. In its place, invite something better.

This new moon has the power to be immensely transformational because it takes place in the sign of Scorpio. Ruled by both assertive Mars and Pluto — ruler of the underworld — Scorpio calls on you to let yourself fall so you can rise up. Burn like a phoenix and then rise from the ashes. Even if you've hit rock bottom (in fact, Scorpio loves the power that brews at rock bottom), it's only making you stronger than ever before.

The New Moon In Scorpio Takes Place On Oct. 27 At 11:38 p.m. ET


Even though all lunations are special in their own right, this new moon is certainly not a joke. It forms an exact opposition to Uranus — planet of freedom and revolution — meaning there will be a push and pull between your desire to break the rules, as well as maintain order. Uranus is an innately unpredictable planet — and when Uranus is involved, nothing is certain. On this new moon, surprises may rock your world and send shockwaves through your reality.

No matter how set in your expectations you may be, trust that there are some things you can't control. However, sometimes a surprise serves to inject you with some excitement, and ultimately, it's guiding you in the right direction. This new moon forms a trine with the North Node in Cancer, which is the point that, for better or worse, the collective is striving to reach. The North Node is the ideal; it is destiny. The North Node may put you through challenges and difficulties, but if you follow the direction it's pulling you in, you won't be unsatisfied. No matter what happens on this new moon, it will help you dig deep into your soul and allow you to understand what it is you're meant to be doing. It may not be what you expected and it may not even make sense, but trust it anyway.

Regardless, Scorpio is a deeply secretive, powerful, and emotional zodiac sign. This new moon will unveil truths and instill in you a desire for domination and strength. Use it for your highest good and you won't regret it.

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