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The Hunter Moon Will Be Particularly Beautiful For These Zodiac Signs


Life is never without surprises, and full moons are more than enough proof of that. At this point in the lunar cycle, revelations are had and truths are revealed — as if its bright glow is shining a light across all your shadows. Taking place on Oct. 13 at 5:08 p.m. ET, the 2019 Hunter Moon will be the best for these zodiac signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — but they're not the only ones who will be affected by its magic.

It's beyond appropriate the Hunter Moon will radiate through the cosmos in warrior Aries. Opposing the sun in balanced, partnership-oriented Libra, the full moon in Aries will call on you to unleash your inner fire and fight for what you believe in. While Libra strives for harmony and peace, Aries charges forward and goes with its gut. At times, this powerful energy can come across as impulsive or confrontational. But without the courageous movement of Aries, what would inspire you to take a risk? What would instill within you the desire to hunt for you want?

As the full moon in Aries forms a trine with expansive and out-of-this-world Jupiter, you can expect results to be just as big as your emotions. As it squares obsessive, yet transformational Pluto, these emotions can most certainly become dark and messy. But despite controlling Pluto and uncontrollable Jupiter, both of these planets are here to help you grow like a diamond in the rough. Forming a square with stoic and fatherly Saturn, don't expect this full moon to let you off easy. There is karma to be paid, so let this lunation teach you something valuable.

If your sun or rising sign happens to fall under Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, the 2019 Hunter Moon will be a particularly beautiful experience. Here's why:


Aries: You're Gaining A Deeper Level Of Independence And Truth

This is your moment, Aries, because it's your full moon. Setting your first house of the self on fire, this full moon will rush through you like a flame of confidence and self-awareness. You're reaching new heights and your potential is expanding. In fact, you may even be leaving behind attachments to your former self and embracing the idea of someone new. Your past will always be a part of you, but there's no reason it has to control your future. Let this full moon be your guiding light and the validation you've been searching for.

Leo: You're Embracing The Unknown And Opening Your Eyes

It's easy to get trapped in a routine and let the days blur together. Not for you, Leo — especially when this full moon spins through your ninth house of adventure and faith. It's time to leave behind rigid beliefs and monotonous tendencies, because you'll never grow if you don't allow yourself to be changed. This is a time to say "yes" to terrifying, yet exciting new opportunities, to introduce yourself to new people, and to book the next flight out of town on a spontaneous whim. Who knows what could happen? Isn't that intriguing?

Sagittarius: You're Experiencing A Revelation Of Creativity And Joy

I see those heart-eyes, Sagittarius. You're falling in love, whether it's with that hottie you've been crushing on, or that brilliantly creative idea that's been harboring space in your heart. As the full moon dances through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, you'll be flooded with inspiration, so don't you dare suppress it. Let yourself create, interact, and experience without inhibition. Silence that critic on your shoulder and set yourself free. Allow yourself to experience the world in the vivid, untainted way you did when you were a child.