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The Beaver Moon Is About Building A Better Life


You might marvel at the soft, radiant light of the full moon and feel powerful under its gaze. However, you might also feel a slight tremble of fear, knowing something always changes under a full moon. This is because the full moon is the most climactic moment of the lunar cycle, encouraging a sense of completion and revelation. The tides tend to shift during this lunation, and the 2019 Beaver Moon will be no different.

All apprehensions aside, a full moon can also be an incredibly rewarding time. When a full moon takes place, a chapter of your life has reached a conclusion. Think back to where you were six months ago. What feelings took up space in your heart? What situations were you involved in? What was stressing you out? Six months ago, a new moon provided you with a blank canvas. This is when you planted the seeds of a fresh intention and began writing a new story. Whether you realize it, you were on the precipice of a journey, and when the corresponding full moon rises through the cosmos, you'll finally understand where that journey was headed.

Since the 2019 Beaver Moon takes place in Taurus, it is innately connected to the new moon in Taurus that happened on May 4, 2019. Whether this full moon leaves you reckoning with chaos and disappointment or fills you with joy because something has finally gone right, understand this was just one chapter of many chapters in your life. As long as the moon continues to turn, you'll continue to write them.

The 2019 Beaver Moon Takes Place At Nov. 12 At 8:34 a.m. ET


This full moon takes place in grounded, headstrong, and practical Taurus, which calls attention to your relationship with material belongings and your ability to build a solid foundation in life. Taurus loves money, luxury, sensuality, and reliability. How are you taking care of these aspects of your life? Are you committed to not only creating a safety net for yourself, but also the financial security to ensure your freedom? Opposing the sun in Scorpio — a zodiac sign that's symbolic for emotional connection, investment, and transformation — this full moon strikes a balance between your spiritual needs and your material needs. You can't sacrifice one for the other.

Even though this full moon is filled with insight and truth, the reality might seem far more obscure than that. This full moon opposes Mercury retrograde, which makes it a time of impermanence, confusion, and missed connections. You might even find yourself living in the past, unsure of where to go next. This is especially true for your relationships, as romantic Venus will form a square to irrational Neptune, making it hard to know how much you should truly invest in your feelings for someone.

Even though you shouldn't make huge promises or sign contracts you can't get out of just yet, this full moon is a beautiful time to start thinking of where you picture yourself down the line. As it forms a trine with both hardworking Saturn and transformative Pluto, this full moon can leave you feeling motivated, hungry, and filled with confidence in yourself — as long as you tune in to your values and convictions. Even if your goals seem lofty or damn near impossible, you're so much more powerful than you realize. You haven't even tapped into the majority of your potential, so let that encourage you to try even harder and see your failures as fuel. With the sun in Scorpio as it forms a trine with the North Node in Cancer, the collective is moving toward destiny. You're understanding the path you're meant to take on a deeper level. Don't ignore your intuition.