The best thigh-high leather boots memes.

This New Meme Crops Pics Of Celebs To Make It Look Like They're Wearing Thigh-High Boots


One of the latest memes taking over Twitter is all about a certain type of footwear. Thigh-high boots, to be exact. While the particular style of boots is notoriously hard to wear, this hilarious trend has users posting a photo of someone wearing a pair lengthy leather boots alongside a picture of familiar figures, cropped so it looks like the legs belong to them. The result is nothing short of comedy. Here are the 20 best thigh-high leather boots memes that hilariously reimagine some of your fave celebs.

The thigh-high leather boots meme features a cropped photo of someone who can seriously work the look. Turns out, the legs belong to none other than Lisa (Lalisa M) of the K-pop group BLACKPINK. Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban of BLACKPINK shared a YouTube video titled "LILI's FILM #3 – LISA Dance Performance Video" to her official account on Monday, April 20, and the memes took off shortly after. The video features her dancing to "Mushroom Chocolate" by QUIN and 6LACK, wearing the now infamous thigh-high boots. After the video went viral, Twitter users began to create memes featuring her leggy lewk.

When it comes to who started the thigh-high leather boots meme, it apparently took off on Thursday, April 23, when Twitter user @hencty shared a mash-up of Lisa's boot-clad legs and a pic from a photo shoot of Ten from the K-pop group WayV. It was simply captioned, "Did it work?"

From there, a variety of celebrities and pop culture figures were getting meme-d with the text, "Did it work?" The result is something to behold, with some crop jobs looking almost seamless. While Lisa's thigh-high boots are a total lewk on the singer in the original video, they have now achieved their own level of fame with this funny trend.

Some of the funniest thigh-high leather boots memes feature some famous faces:

Some pop culture characters are also getting the leg treatment:

Even Netflix joined in on the fun with a meme using Bojack Horseman:

These Marvel characters are sporting the look, too:

Some are even mixing it up with photos of their animals for a hilarious take on the meme:

A simple crop and paste job is really all that's needed to get in on this meme fun, so I wouldn't expect these leggy memes to disappear anytime soon.