This House Of Worth Meme Reveals Your High-Fashion Quarantine Style

The Latest Meme Taking Over Twitter Reveals Your Inner 19th Century French Fashionista

by Daffany Chan

The internet is buzzing with a new House of Worth meme that's so relatable as most of the country practices social distancing due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The 19th century-style meme features six women and describes how they've been surviving quarantine. This House of Worth meme reveals your inner French fashionista.

On April 20, Natania Barron created the meme that includes illustrations of six women dressed in haute couture — Imogen, Clarissa, Fey, Fannie, Euphronia, and Maude — along with a comedic list of their traits and pitfalls during quarantine. Imogen, for example, believes "self-isolation is honestly a bit of a relief," while Clarissa is "secretly full of existential dread." Fey is "silently screaming all day."

The hilarious meme quickly became a viral sensation, with so many people sharing the tweet and selecting which women they identify with that #HouseOfWorth became a Twitter Moment on Thursday, April 23. With all six of the women having uniquely relatable methods of dealing with days on end inside the same house, it's no wonder everyone wanted to share their choice.

Some people were absolutely set on which woman they would be. Twitter user @Deej01 wrote, "Euphronia is me for sure."

Others could see themselves in more than one character. "I am split straight down the middle, half Imogen, half Fannie. It's gonna be a real bummer for me when they make me leave the house again," shared user @linduvan.

The meme is a serious throwback to the 19th century French high fashion pieces created by House of Worth. Founded by Charles Frederick Worth in 1858, the house built a successful reputation for dressing leading performers of the day as well as creating unique pieces for clients, such as wedding dresses and ball costumes. Though the brand ceased operations in the mid-20th century, it was revived in 1999.

This is the latest meme to take Twitter by storm in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, the celebrity quarantine house memes captured the Twitterverse. Created by Instagram user @Savannah_Locke, the meme featured six houses with different combinations of stars, including royals, singers, actors, TV personalities, comedians, directors, and athletes. The houses are made up of an odd mix of people who you probably couldn't imagine quarantining with, and users are tasked with selecting the house they'd prefer to stay in.

Though it may get contentious with your buddies on Twitter when comparing choices, these entertaining memes are the perfect way to pass the time during quarantine.

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