Here are the best Meryl Streep memes that'll make you feel so seen.

These 20 Meryl Streep Memes Will Have You Raising A Glass To The Quarantini Queen

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Meryl Streep is a Hollywood icon and an Oscar-winning actor, but her latest role dubs her "queen of the meme." Streep of course is no stranger to gracing the internet with her presence by being the subject of a viral meme (Miranda Priestly, anyone?), but the internet may have turned her latest meme-worthy moment into one of her best yet. To celebrate the new LOL-worthy moment —and enjoy her greatest hits — here are the 20 best Meryl Streep memes that'll make you raise your glass in appreciation.

The latest Streep meme features the actor drinking a cocktail in a bathrobe. It comes from a video of Streep and some famous friends, Audra McDonald and Christine Baranski, gathering together for a boozy sing-along in honor of Stephen Sondheim's 90th birthday, on Sunday, April 26. Many stars celebrated Sondheim's achievements as a legendary musical theater composer during the event, but it was Streep who delivered in the meme content department.

In the video, Streep, McDonald, and Baranski began singing “The Ladies Who Lunch,” from the Sondheim musical Company. In the video, Streep sings while shaking a martini, before she empties it, considers filling the glass with scotch, and ultimately decides to take a swig straight from the bottle. Thankfully, the still shots of that moment perfectly fit into the latest meme of the legend. People on Twitter are absolutely loving a singing, drinking Streep, and it has turned it into a hilarious quarantine meme.

Meryl Streep drinking

Watch the original clip of Meryl the performance to see why it was so easy to turn into a meme:

Fans are calling it the quintessential meme for quarantine:

The Devil Wears Prada memes

Streep's Miranda Priestly turned out to be one her most meme-able roles ever. Some of the most popular ones include her taking her glasses off, saying the line "That's all," and acting dismissive in general.

Meryl Streep shouting

Streep's shouting meme came from a moment at the 2015 SAG awards when she cheered on her fellow Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds, as Reynolds received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The meme typically appeared to have her shouting song lyrics when it first circulated.

Meryl Streep screaming meme

When Season 2 of Big Little Lies premiered back in June 2019, one common topic of conversation was Streep's character, Mary Louise Wright's scream at the kitchen table.

The 2018 Oscars meme

Basically, Streep repeated her shouting meme from 2015 with an encore performance at the 2018 Academy Awards. The pose was almost identical.

The Meryl Streep "Yes!" meme

After cheering on Patricia Arquette's speech about wage equality at the Oscars in 2015, Streep's thrilled, pointing pose became a meme.