These Gonna Tell My Kids Memes are going to confuse your kids about historical figures and make you ...

These "Gonna Tell My Kids" Memes Hilariously Reimagine Some Famous Moments

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Once in a while, a meme is so funny that it actually makes you think the internet isn't a burning dumpster fire. These "Gonna Tell My Kids" memes are definitely hilarious enough to make you glad you logged onto Twitter. TBH, the following reimagined famous people and events are just ridiculous enough to keep you laughing all day long.

According to Know Your Meme, this meme began with a not-so-fun topic on Sept. 19, 2019. Twitter user @Wake_n_Bacon shared a photo alluding to Justin Trudeau's brownface controversy at the time. (Trudeau acknowledged it was him in the photos from 2001 and apologized, saying he should have known better.) The first meme wrote: "I gonna tell my kids in 2055 that this was Justin Trudeau." TBH, it's not the most enjoyable representation of the meme, but thankfully it took off in mid-November, when Twitter user @_MTGBayBee posted a picture of Lil' Wayne, and wrote: "Im telling my kids this is Bill Gates."

The basic gist of the meme is to post a picture of a currently well-known person or event and characterize it as something from the past. For example, Instagram account @lucyontheground shared a photo of the infamous Jersey Shore letter recounting Ronnie's night at Bed in Miami, and she wrote: "Telling my kids this was the Gettysburg Address."

There is no shortage of these newly popular memes, and they run the gamut from historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln to historical events reimagined as an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County or an episode of Succession.

First, let's start with some very different looks at historical figures and events:

There are also some hilarious takes on who makes up the Supreme Court and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Next, it's onto celebrities. From a famous rocker in the mid-'90s to Oscar-nominated films, these depictions are not what you're used to.

Kevin Jonas captioned a photo of him and his two brothers: "Gonna tell my kids this was Blink-182."

Finally, what even is cash?

Gonna tell my kids this was the best meme of 2019.