Here are 16 Randonautica stories that will make you want to try it out.

These 16 Eerily Satisfying Randonautica Stories Will Inspire You To Try The App

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Randonautica sends users on a quest to find a location in their area by assigning randomly generated coordinates. The most interesting part about the app is setting your intention, or saying what you'd like to find aloud. Users across social media have found things or places related to their desires, making for an odd phenomenon and some entertaining social media posts. Here are some of the best Randonautica stories online to inspire you to try the unique app out for yourself.

The app, which launched in February 2020, receiving a lot of hype after it went viral on TikTok with users uploading snippets of their adventures. While the point of the app is to get out and explore your local area, adventuring to a set of random coordinates you may otherwise that could potentially lead to brand-new areas nearby, the most best stories are when adventurers stumble upon something they wanted to find.

To use Randonautica, you'll start by setting a distance and choosing a type of location — an attractor, a void, or an anomaly. When Randonautica asks you to set your intention, you're supposed to say something you'd like to see aloud, whether it's an emotion, a color, or a type of place. Many users have found something that represented what they wanted to find, and it's a bit mind-blowing.

1. Found dog

This user, sarcatt on Reddit, went randonauting with the intention of finding a dog and found a stray:

When another user asked if the story was real, the Redditor swore that it was and that they'd been "wanting a dog for a while."

"I thought I’d set the intent as dog for fun (I’m skeptical and didn’t expect anything) I used attractor and the app lead me down a gravel road that I didn’t even know existed which gave me a weird feeling, I didn’t see anything initially and kept driving until I saw a stray," said the Redditor. "He came right up to me when I called him and it was obvious that someone had likely owned him prior to this. I assume he had been dumped because he was friendly but scrawny. I took him home with me shortly after."

2. A cute, mysterious zebra

Reddit user LearnStalkBeInformed posted a story about setting their intention to finding "a mysterious object in the woods," and eventually stumbled upon this mysterious zebra toy:

After having a successful first intent, finding a beautiful spot in the woods, as well as a Pokestop for Pokemon Go, the Redditor said, "I tried to generate a new location with the intent 'a mysterious object in the woods' but it kept failing to generate anything, and I figured because we were already in the woods." They continued, "So we decided to start heading home but a couple meters from where we were standing we found a random toy zebra laying on the ground, which as far as I'm concerned is a mysterious object in the woods!"

3. Mystical fairy

Twitter user @captnsageaho3 says Randonauting led her to a fairy statue after she asked to find something "mystical and thought about fairies."

4. Buddhist temple

Redditor ladyluck111999 went randonauting and found a temple after unwittingly setting their intention to "learning more about Buddhism":

5. Signs with answers

ArtioJ posted about their randonauting experience and found that signs led the way. "First time Randonauting this afternoon after reading an article last night. The entire time I was walking, I was muttering 'where the hell is this taking me?' but couldn’t help but laugh as my environment keep answering me," they wrote.

6. Rare moth sighting

Premoveri on Reddit posted about their first-ever randonauting trip. "Went randonauting for the first time today thinking that this wasn’t going to work for me whatsoever. I had the intention of ‘treasure’ and I found this beautiful Luna moth laying on the ground a few meters from the point," they wrote. "I’ve never been lucky enough to see one of these in person." The moth Premoveri found has green wings and looks a bit more like a pretty butterfly.

7. Foxy advice

On Twitter, @nicoletsimmons shared her randonauting experience: "Tried @TheRandonauts today! Took me to a (dream) house for sale on a street with the same name as the street I currently live on, but in a neighboring city," she wrote. "Then on the way home, a fox stepped in front of my car, as if to say, 'Keep your focus.'"

8. Closure

On TikTok, @hotchipndlie told a story about feeling tortured between choosing her college. She ended up choosing to go to a state school rather than her dream school, due to the coronavirus pandemic. When she went Randonauting, she'd been wanting closure and hoped to get reassurance. When she went exploring, she came across the letters "KU" mowed into some ranches' lawn. "KU" are the same initials as the state school she chose to attend.

9. Alien X-ing

TikTok user @bloodpixiee set her intention to "alien." As she reached the narrow road the coordinates took her to, she ended up encountering a funny sign that read: "Alien Crossing."

10. Kittens

Twitter user @aisha_milk wrote about her Randonauting experience, and didn't set an intention, but ended up recreating a cute childhood experience. The coordinates took her to the outside of a warehouse with a bunch of friendly kittens; a similar situation to a memory with her dad, when he brought her home a kitten.

11. Peace and happiness

On Twitter, @DayDreamingOpal posted her first experience using Randonautica. She set her intentions to fun, happiness, and peace. At the end of her journey, she found a giant tree trunk sculpture of a hand making a peace sign.

12. Seagull

Reddit user NorthWicWands posted a peculiar Randonauting trip. Setting their intention, they asked for "wild birds in need of help." At the end of the destination, they found a seagull. Shortly afterward, an update to the post said they took the seagull to a rehabilitation center, where the workers said the bird wouldn't have made it through the night if it wasn't for the rescue.

13. Tranquility

Another first-timer posting a great experience on Reddit was midnightcatxo. "First time randonauting. My intent was 'beauty & tranquility.' I was shocked at where it took me!" She posted a photo of a full moon over a lake. "[It was] a beautiful scenic area with an amazing view of the full moon during a beautiful blue sunset." She'd set her intention to something that would relieve her stress after a fight with a family member.

14. Weird but not scary

This Redditor, zthompson2350, set an intention to find something "weird, but not scary." The adventure led them to a door with the writing, "Not scary" on it.

15. Symbol of hope

Babesrights24 on Reddit asked to find "hope" during their first Randonauting experience. On the trip, she came across some very large dandelions. While she didn't understand what it meant at first, she went home and Googled the symbolism of dandelions, and found that they represent hope.

16. Love

On Twitter, @Lyleau_ wrote about setting her intention to "love." As she went on her walk, she found a chalk drawing of a heart that said "love" above it at the end of her coordinates.

While not every Randonautica experience will yield the same results, it seems like a lot of users find what they're looking for.