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Here's What Randonautica's 3 Location Options Actually Mean

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RNG produces "maximum deviation in the distribution of random points from the average expected valueRandonautica, an app which allows users to satisfy their wanderlust a little closer to home, is continuing to gain popularity on TikTok. If you've never tried the app or are just starting to dip your toes in, you might be wondering what the Randonautica locations mean — and how do you pick the right one for your adventure? The feature, which is based on quantum physics, helps customize the kind of experience you'll be going on.

While the app works by sending you on a spontaneous adventure with the help of random coordinates, you do have some control about the kind of place you'll be exploring. To get started, you'll first be asked to share an "intention" for your exploration by stating what you'd like to see out loud, although it's not promised you'll see it. Once you set the maximum distance you'd like to travel and choose your random number generator — ANU (random numbers based on "fluctuations in the magnetic field of virtual particles in a vacuum") or Temporal (random numbers generated by using your CPU) — you'll then have the option to choose from three different location choices: an attractor, a void, or an anomaly.

All three of these coordinates are determined using something called a "quantum point." A quantum point is basically a coordinate that's generated from a random number generator, and it's thought to be non-deterministic, AKA completely random. The coordinates are generated using the Mind-Matter Interaction (MMI), which uses your intention and should have an effect on the quantum RNG data to help you get to your intention, according to the Randonautica website. To find out more about the locations, you can dig a little deeper into each term:


If you have a particularly strong intention of what you're hoping to see on your adventure, the app recommends you choose an "anomaly," which is short for an Intention Driven Anomaly. An anomaly, which can be either a void or an attractor, is the strongest option if you're looking for specific answers or experiences. These locations are found when the RNG produces "maximum deviation in the distribution of random points from the average expected value," according to the information on the app's website. According to an explanation on the website, to populate coordinates, around 10,000 random points are generated on a map, and then through triangulation and other "mathematical transformations," areas are calculated and distributed unevenly on the map, an the lack of even distribution is thought to be due to the effect of MMI, which takes your intention into account.

Both attractor and void locations are anomalies, as defined by the app, and they're determined either by the density or sparseness of points on the map.


An "attractor" location can be found in a densely point-populated area where quantum points are closer together, according to the Randonautica FAQ page. The attractor location is the center of an area of anomalous points generated, and there's a chance your journey may hold more significance than what you find at the coordinates themselves. Randonauts on Reddit believe an attractor location might have a meaningful memory or something that sparks an interesting revelation for you, like a soccer field you went to when you were younger.


On the flip side, a "void" location will have quantum points that are more sparse, and not clustered with other points. Redditors believe voids are places the quantum random number generator thinks you're unlikely to visit, like a forest you've never been to. It's hard to know exactly how accurate this is, but TikTok is full of Randonauts documenting a number of creepy coincidences.


Once you've made your location choice and spoken your intention, you can hit "start" and wait for random coordinates to pop up on your Google map for what the company describes as "the world’s first quantumly generated Choose Your Own Adventure reality game."

If you're having a hard time settling on one type of location, go with what feels right to you in that moment and rest easy knowing you can always try a different one if you're not a fan of the experience. Whichever location you choose, make your adventure a safe one by making sure to avoid trespassing on private property, obeying all social distancing and other quarantine regulations, and avoiding situations that could potentially be dangerous.

If you're ready to get started, head to the App Store or Google Play to download the app to start planning your next adventure.

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