Tayshia Gave Her First Impression Rose To Spencer For This Eerie Reason

ABC/Craig Sjodin

There's a new Bachelorette in town — and she brought four new suitors along with her. In addition to the 16 men remaining from Clare Crawley's run as the Bachelorette, four new recruits arrived after Tayshia Adams took over, including Spencer Robertson. The real estate agent immediately caught Tayshia's eye, but apparently, Tayshia gave her first impression rose to Spencer for a pretty unexpected reason: He reminded her of someone else. During the Nov. 10 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Tayshia explained why the new contestant ended up with the coveted rose.

"To be honest with you, I think it was who caught my eye," Tayshia said when asked why she chose Spencer, "but he also — fun fact — reminds me of someone I used to date, so when he first came out of the limo I had to, like, fix my eyes a little bit because I thought it was somebody else." Though she didn't mention the name of the look-a-like ex, I have a feeling she's referring to Derek Peth, who Tayshia briefly romanced on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise — and apparently, I'm not the only one.

After Tayshia's debut episode, fans took to Twitter to note the resemblance between the two men.

For the record, here is Spencer Robertson:

ABC/Craig Sjodin

And here is Derek Peth:

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Eerie, no?

Though Tayshia was pretty smitten with Spencer from the start, the other guys weren't so charmed — especially the ones who had previously been competing for Clare's heart. When Spencer first arrived, he decided to break the ice by asking the other men, "How many of you guys were here for Clare?" To say the joke wasn't well-received would be an understatement, and his fellow contestant, Kenny Braasch, went so far as to say Spencer "seems like he's here just to be a d*ck."

On the Nov. 10 episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin admitted they also weren't big fans of Spencer just yet, but Tayshia stood by her choice. As she told Rachel and Becca, "He just made my heart skip a beat a little bit, and I think that's the first impression, isn't it?" Fair enough!

Only time will tell whether Tayshia's immediate attraction (and Spencer's resemblance to her former flame) will make Spencer a frontrunner.