Tayshia Revealed How She Keeps Things Spicy With Zac & I'm Taking Notes

Emma McIntyre /AMA2020/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tayshia Adams is a pro at keeping things interesting in her relationship with Zac Clark. The Season 16 Bachelorette accepted Clark's proposal at the end of the ABC show in December 2020, and now they're living happily ever after. But to make sure they don't get bored in a routine, the former phlebotomist finds ways to liven things up, and Tayshia Adams' relationship tip for spicing things up is seriously useful. During a Jan. 21 appearance on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, Adams told host Joe Amabile exactly how she keeps things spicy with her fiancé. Believe me — you'll want to take notes, because Adams knows exactly what to do to keep her man around.

"For me — Zac and I — we have started to get into some TV shows," Adams told Amabile. "We are now watching Kingdom. If you haven't seen Kingdom, it's freaking good and that's kind of how we end our evenings." But even though they like to binge the Netflix show together, Adams said they'll also do something different every now and then to keep their relationship fresh.

"The other day I was like, 'You know what? I'm not watching [Kingdom]. Let's not watch Kingdom," Adams continued. "Let's blast the music, order some good food, and talk and chill." Before they knew it, they were having a spontaneous day at home together. "We started dancing around the freaking house," she added. "We had some really good conversations."

According to Adams, the key to keeping her relationship interesting is "changing up the routine" every now and then. "That's how you spice things up," she told Amabile. "You think things are boring, but they're not. We also play a lot of board games." If there's one thing Adams can't stand, it's when couples complain about being unhappy in their relationship. Her policy: Either you change your situation, or you move on.

"This is the thing. I think that a lot of people tend to run into a routine, which in turn makes them bored, which then turns into a failed relationship because you just start getting like angsty," she explained to Amabile. "You want to go and do more things. You just are — and I hate this [saying]: 'I'm unhappy.' I hate that in a relationship. I hate when people are just like, 'I'm unhappy. I want more.' So make it more."

If there's anything fans can learn from Adams, it's that taking a risk can pay off in a big way. After all, she walked into The Bachelorette skeptical about falling in love, but because Adams took that chance on herself, she found the man of her dreams. And apparently, the last thing she's going to do is lose him to a boring routine.