Here's Who Tayshia Should Pick On 'The Bachelorette,' According To Astrology

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Is this the greatest group of men The Bachelorette has ever had? There's not a single bad apple in in the bunch. Tayshia Adams' suitors are all caring, down-to-earth, and easy on the eyes — not to mention completely smitten with her. When it comes time for the leading lady to hand out the final rose, she'll undoubtedly follow her heart, but she might do well to pay attention to the stars, too. Tayshia Adams is astrologically compatible with all three Bachelorette frontrunners, but one has a slight edge over the other two.

Adams was born on Sept. 4, 1990, making her a Virgo. (She happens to share a birthday with Beyoncé, which should tell you just about everything you need to know about this flawless, hard-working, reliable sign.) As such, her best astrological match is Zac Clark, a Capricorn king born on Jan. 16, 1984. This Earth sign power couple is so strong because they're both pragmatic goal-chasers who crave stability and security.

From what Bachelorette viewers have seen so far, it certainly seems like Clark and Adams are on the same page. During Clark's "hometown" date recreating life in the Big Apple, Adams revealed she's always been interested in moving to New York, where Clark happens to live. Convenient! If this couple is in it for the long haul, they'll cheer on each other's careers (he founded and runs an addiction treatment center; she's an influencer and former phlebotomist) and never quash each other's ambition.

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While both signs know how to get sh*t done, Caps are better at getting the ball rolling, while Virgos excel at seeing a goal to the finish line. That means when it comes to moving their relationship forward, Clark should step up and tell Adams exactly how much he loves her. Otherwise, she might not have the courage to hand him her final rose. If these two Earth signs wind up tying the knot, prepare for their wedding-planning spreadsheet to be the most terrifyingly organized Google Doc the world has ever seen. There's nothing a Virgo loves more than color-coding.

Adams is also super compatible with Brendan Morais, a Scorpio born on Nov. 14, 1989. The foundation of a Virgo-Scorpio relationship is trust. From the night they met, Adams and Morais bonded over their shared experiences with divorce. Common ground often breeds trust, and so these two have a real shot of finding comfort and happiness together.

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Although these signs can both be pretty secretive, Virgos can sense what Scorpios really need deep down, and Scorpios are gifted at drawing out Virgos' hidden emotions. While Scorpios can be hot-headed when it comes to arguments, Virgos are flexible enough to back down from a fight. So far, it seems like smooth sailing for Adams and Morais.

Of her top three contestants, Adams is least astrologically compatible with Ivan Hall, a Pisces sweetheart born on March 8, 1992. But even Hall is a pretty solid match. These two signs are opposite each other on the zodiac, which means they bring out the best in each other. Level-headed Virgo can push dreamy Pisces to turn their ideas into reality, while deep Pisces can help ultra-logical Virgo process their emotions. Bachelorette viewers got a glimpse of this during Adams and Hall's Week 7 date, when Hall encouraged Adams to reflect on her experiences growing up as a Black and Mexican woman in predominantly white Orange County, California.

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Even though Virgos and Pisces often adore each other, they ultimately have different goals. Whereas Pisces tend to be happy living a simple, no-frills life, Virgos work hard for their money and don't mind splurging when they deserve a reward.

Astrologically speaking, Adams has no bad options here. Virgos clash most strongly with Sagittarians, but luckily for Adams, she already sent two of 'em home: Noah Erb and Eazy Nwachukwu. No matter who she gives her final rose to during the Season 23 finale on Tuesday, Dec. 21, the stars are aligning for a beautiful relationship.