Taylor Swift Reacted To Theories She's Dropping A Surprise Album In The Most Mysterious Way

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift, whatchu up to, girl? Fans of the singer have been theorizing all week that there's a new Swift album coming out soon and, as always with Taylor Swift fan theories, their theories are pretty damn thorough. They've been picking apart the tiny details of her most recent Instagram posts to try and figure out if they're hints that she's dropping an album soon. The "clues" themselves are super mysterious, but Taylor Swift's reaction to theories she's dropping a surprise album is just as mysterious.

Here's the tea: Swift's most avid fans are literal experts at finding and analyzing tiny hints Swift makes about her life and music. Anytime the singer does just about anything, it seems, there's a fan with a theory about what it could mean. Their sleuthing skills only got stronger when Swift deleted everything from her social media and her website. They knew an album was coming. Then, once she started posting the infamous snake videos, they had theories about those as well.

Now they think they're in another era of Swift dropping hints of a new album on Instagram, and here's why:

Swift's last few Instagram posts have had some odd things in common. Fans noticed that this Instagram posted on Feb. 25 features seven palm trees.

Swift's caption on the post is also seven palm tree emojis. Seems pretty innocuous, right? Wrong!

Her next Instagram, posted the same day, shows Swift sitting on the sixth step of a staircase.

And then, the Instagram after that showed Swift looking through a fence, and how many holes did that fence show? Five.

Issa countdown. Or at least that's what Swift's fans think is happening.

But now, she has thrown fans off the scent by posting a (hilarious) picture of her cat, Olivia Benson.

What a troll, that cat is. (And I mean that in the most endearing way possible.)

Swift's caption on the photo of Olivia looking like a real-life depiction of the word "derp" says, "She just read all the theories 🙀." So now, fans are freaking out that Swift has 1) confirmed that she has seen the theories, and 2) seemingly tried to throw people off the scent.

So, it seems like the countdown theories don't carry much weight, as there are no clear fours in the photo of Olivia. OR ARE THERE?

Some Swifties think they cracked the code.

You can't convince Taylor Swift fans to throw away their conspiracy theories so quickly, Taylor Swift! Now, they think Olivia being 4 years old suffices as part of the countdown. Some fans are saying it's her age and her four paws that make this new addition to the countdown. There are also tweets that point out the fact that there are three visible doors in the photo, and there's also a plant in the background with three branches.

So not only did fans find more fuel for their fire in this photo that was seemingly supposed to confuse them, but they also think this post includes two days worth of the countdown. These people are skilled.

But if this countdown is supposed to be leading up to new music, wouldn't there only be one post per day? Why would she post the day 4 and day 3 countdowns together? Hmmmm, fishy stuff.

If you want to read up on all of the clues that Swift's seventh album could be on the way, you can check them out here. Get your detective caps on.