5 Clues Taylor Swift Is Definitely Dropping An Album In The Near Future

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

With Taylor Swift's Reputation now behind her, fans are eagerly awaiting the pop star's next album... and the wait may not actually be all that long! Swift has been uncharacteristically active on Instagram lately, and eagle-eyed fans are convinced that she is teasing the surprise release of a new single or album. These clues Taylor Swift is dropping an album soon will absolutely convince you that we are just days away from Swift's new era.

Fans have been on the lookout for clues about Taylor Swift's seventh album since the American Music Awards this past October. Swift released Reputation in November of 2017, and about a year later, she won Favorite Pop/Rock Album of the Year at the AMAs for the album. In her acceptance speech, Swift said that she's "even more excited about the next chapter." That was the signal for the Swifties to prepare for album number seven sometime soon.

Now, it looks like this new era of Taylor Swift music is finally about to make its big debut. Swift has yet to make any official announcements, but fans are picking up on a ton of clues that new music is coming very soon, and Swift has been known to drop clues on social media in the past, so they actually could hold weight. Let's get into all the theories.

1. Taylor Swift's Instagram is low-key counting down to a release date.

The most major clue that something big is coming is the fact that Taylor Swift has been posting cryptic photos to her Instagram on a daily basis this week. All of these photos feature a glow-y, pastel color scheme, which already has fans guessing at what aesthetic direction the new album will go in.

On Sunday, Swift posted this photo of seven palm trees, with the caption being seven palm tree emojis.

The next day, Swift posted a photo of herself sitting on a staircase.

And that was followed by a photo of herself looking through a fence.

So what does it all mean? Fans think the photos actually contain a hidden countdown, pointing out the seven palm trees, the fact Swift is sitting on the sixth step, and that there are five holes in the fence. If this countdown theory is true, then Swift may be planning to release a new single this very weekend.

2. The day that the countdown ends is marked on Taylor Swift's calendar.

Coincidentally, fans have also pointed out that there is a flower printed on the March 2 spot of Swift's Reputation calendars. That is also the day the theorized Instagram countdown will end.

So... be on the lookout this Saturday!

3. Taylor Swift's collaborators are also teasing something is coming.

The symbol that seems to be the most emblematic of Taylor Swift's new era is the palm tree. So it was pretty major when musician Ryan Tedder changed his header photo on Twitter to palm trees this week. Tedder has worked with Swift in the past, having co-written both "Welcome to New York" and "I Know Places" with Swift for 1989.

Taylor Swift's frequent music video director Joseph Kahn also tweeted this week that he is waiting for his next music video to drop.

4. Something is happening on Taylor Swift's website and YouTube.

Taylor Swift is not only making changes on social media — her website is also betting a makeover. Fans noticed that the fonts on TaylorSwift.com changed over the weekend, which could be signaling the beginning of a new era.

And it is not just her website. BuzzFeed pointed out that YouTube credits Taylor Swift's channel with 245 videos, but there are actually only 243 videos available on the site. That could mean that Swift has two private videos ready to be released soon.

5. Katy Perry might be involved in the new release.

OK, now that we are pretty positive Taylor Swift is dropping a single or her album soon, there is still another layer to all these rumors. Some fans are convinced that Swift will be collaborating with her former rival Katy Perry for the seventh album.

A collaboration between the two would be a major shock since the two have both made it clear in the past that they have bad blood, but there are some definite signs that they could be working together now. Last summer, Katy Perry sent a literal olive branch to Taylor Swift, seemingly putting an end to their feud once and for all. Some fans think that olive branch may be related to the palm tree aesthetic that Swift is going for with her new album.

Oh, and both singers have also been showing lots of love for flamingoes lately, with Katy Perry even revealing she has a side project called "Flamboyance," which is the name for a group of flamingoes.

And the pièce de résistance? Fans are pointing out that Katy Perry just followed Taylor Swift on Twitter.

Could Taylor Swift and Katy Perry really be teaming up to drop a surprise feud-ending anthem? It is all just rumors at this point, but some of these clues are pretty convincing. What does seem to be for sure is that Swift is dropping something major very soon. So stay vigilant this weekend, Swifties!