Taylor Swift stars in "The Man" music video.

Fans Noticed Taylor Looks Just Like Scott Disick As A Man & I'll Never Unsee This

YouTube/Taylor Swift

Within minutes of Taylor Swift's "The Man" music video dropping, Twitter was flooded with hilarious memes and gifs about the visual. Swift really nailed it with this one, and while the video sends an important message, it's also one of her funnest visuals to date. Swift's "The Man" alter ego, aptly named Tyler Swift, partying it up on a yacht with models is probably my favorite thing on the internet. As the memes continue to roll in, I dare you not to laugh at this fan theory that Taylor Swift is a Scott Disick lookalike in her "The Man" video.

In case you're in the 1% of Swifties who have yet to watch the "The Man" video, there's no shade behind the claims that Tay looks like Lord Disick throughout the clip. Swift went through some intense hair and makeup to transform into a man for the video, so she'd probably take it as a compliment. Kudos for being so gosh darn believable, Tay.

While Swift wasn't trying to portray any man in particular, apparently, some thought she was Disick's doppelgänger. You can see some of the best tweets saying so below.

However, that wasn't the only comparison Swift got. Tons of fans also chimed in to say they thought she channeled Leonardo DiCaprio from The Wolf of Wall Street.

Swift also received comparisons to Joe Goldberg from Netflix's You.

But most agreed Swift looked more like Disick than anyone else. In fact, Scott Disick even started trending on Twitter after "The Man" video was released.

While Disick hasn't spoken out himself on the comparisons, I'm sure he'll get a total kick out of this. As one fan said, now that people have pointed out the striking similarity, I simply can't unsee it.

You can watch swift's full video for "The Man" below.