Taco Bell is testing a Cravetarian Taco with plant-based meat, and here's the scoop.

Taco Bell Is Testing A Taco With Plant-Based Meat, & It'll Make You Do A Double-Take

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell is bringing a new kind of vegetarian option to its menu that will remind you of an iconic bite. The fast food chain already has plenty of veggie options, but the latest innovation goes even further. Taco Bell is testing a plant-based meat "Cravetarian" Taco, and it's a vegetarian copycat of the Crunchy Taco Supreme. If you're already intrigued, here's the scoop on the latest test item.

Plant-based meat has been all the rage for a while, but until recently, you haven't been able to get it on your Taco Bell run. In mid-April, the brand began testing a new "boldly seasoned plant-based protein" featured in its "Cravetarian" Taco, according to an email from Taco Bell to Elite Daily. Made with a pea and chickpea blend, the plant-based protein is available in the Cravetarian and as a substitute for seasoned beef in other menu items during the test period. The Cravetarian Taco features the plant-based protein, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, lettuce, and sour cream. It's all wrapped up in a crunchy corn-based taco shell, just like its classic Crunchy Taco Supreme.

Starting small, the test item is only available while supplies last at one Taco Bell location through Thursday, April 29 — the Taco Bell store at 14042 Red Hill Avenue in Tustin, California. Those in the Tustin area can get the Cravetarian for $2.19, which is the same cost as the regular Crunchy Taco Supreme. There's also no charge to sub in the new plant-based option in other classic Taco Bell items.

Dedicated vegetarians will be glad to know the boldly seasoned plant-based meat is certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA).

Courtesy of Taco Bell

While you may not be able to grab the Cravetarian Taco at your local Taco Bell just yet, you can still enjoy its other veggie options. ICYMI, the brand permanently brought back its Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes in early March after the item was discontinued in August 2020. Also back on the menu is the fan-favorite Spicy Potato Soft Taco.

Taco Bell also has plans to team up with Beyond Meat in the future and will test out a different protein with the brand sometime in 2022, so T-Bell is bringing a ton to look forward to.

It's unclear if the Cravetarian Taco and the plant-based protein will be a permanent addition to Taco Bell's menu, but if the test goes well, the brand will consider expansion plans.

When heading to your local Taco Bell, remember to check the latest CDC guidance on social distancing and masking.