Subway Is Teaming Up With Halo Top To Create Tasty New Milkshakes This Summer

Courtesy of Halo Top/Subway

It's officially patio season, which means you're probably looking for the tastiest way to cool down while getting your sugar craving handled. While there's no shortage of seasonal sweet bites and sips to make the coming months a little more refreshing, Subway's Halo Top milkshakes definitely caught my eye, with all the flavors that you know and love in shake form. The sweet collaboration is coming to your local Subway so soon, so you're going to want to plan to scoop up this summer offering on your next sandwich run.

According to press materials shared with Elite Daily, Subway and Halo Top Creamery are teaming up to bring ice cream devotees the collaboration they never knew they needed in their lives. Beginning on July 22, Subway locations will start serving up hand-spun Halo Top milkshakes in three different flavors, giving you another patio season-approved way to get your ice cream fix this summer. While every season is ice cream season in my opinion, there's just something about summertime that makes me gravitate toward making a creamy cold milkshake or two a regular part of my daily routine. Whether I'm cooling down mid-afternoon with the sweet treat or grabbing one before heading home for the day, it's always the perfect choice to get your ice cream fix in.

Courtesy of Halo Top/Subway

In just another few weeks, you'll have one more option to grab a shake. Starting on July 22, you can head to any of the chain's locations and make your Subway lunch run an extra sweet one by supplementing your sandwich and chips with one of these exclusive Halo Top shakes.

While Halo Top is known for some of its more inventive offerings such as ice creams inspired by the flavors of Key Lime Pie, Gingerbread House, and Pumpkin Pie, they're going classic and timeless with their Subway shake collaboration — and I couldn't be happier.

According to press materials, you can expect an update on the warm weather drinks you remember from your childhood summers, meaning a dose of nostalgia with each sip. In addition to a "timeless Vanilla Bean" flavor, the brands will also be rolling out a "rich and creamy Chocolate" as well as a "sweet and refreshing Strawberry."

In my opinion, you honestly can't go wrong with any of these three flavors, and you can order knowing that they won't clash with your Subway order of choice. Plus, considering that each milkshake is made with 100% Halo Top ice cream, it's an added bonus that you can expect each shake to have "350 calories or less, at least 20 grams of protein and 30% of the recommended daily value of calcium," according to press materials.

From the sound of things, your weekday scaries are no match against these bad boys, which are bound to make adulting a little bit sweeter come July 22. If you're a milkshake fan and the thought of getting your Halo Top fix handled in one dreamy sip sounds like it's right up your alley, I'd definitely recommend setting a reminder and making a Subway milkshake run a thing in the next few months.