Halo Top's New Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Features Sweet Meringue Swirl

Courtesy of Halo Top

It's officially picnic season, which means you're probably thinking about which pies you're going to fill your baskets with. Don't visit the bakery yet, though — because you might want to replace those pies with ice cream this year. Believe it or not, Halo Top's new Key Lime Pie ice cream flavor is here, and it'd be the sweetest addition to your summer picnics. TBH, each scoop will make you feel like you're biting into an actual piece of key lime pie, meringue included. Sure, you'll have to store it somewhere cool (because it is ice cream, after all), but it'll be worth bringing a cooler with you to the park.

Halo Top, a creamery with tons of cool ice cream flavors under its belt, announced Key Lime Pie on Wednesday, May 29. According to the company, the new scoop is literally key lime-flavored, but it features ingredients that'll make you feel like you're snacking on a legitimate piece of pie. Those extra ingredients include graham cracker, "flaky pie crust pieces," and meringue swirl, per Halo Top. All of those sweets tied together with key lime-flavored ice cream results in a dessert that'll give actual pies a run for their money.

With that being said, pass me a slice (er, I mean, scoop).

Courtesy of Halo Top

If you're also craving a scoop of Halo Top's Key Lime Pie flavor, you're in luck. As of May 29, the new pints are available online and at grocery stores that sell Halo Top. If you want to buy a few pints without leaving your couch, head to the company's online store and order them there. If you're trying to pickup the new flavor while you're doing your grocery shopping, head to the freezer aisle of your local supermarket. If it usually sells Halo Top, then the flavor will probably be there waiting for you.

Whether you're planning on ordering Key Lime Pie online or at the store, I wouldn't wait too long. The pie-inspired flavor was added to Halo Top's summer menu, which means it'll only be around for a limited time (sigh). But now that you know about its availability, you can start planning your picnics. Just remember to get your coolers ready, because you don't want your Key Lime Pie ice cream to melt in the sun. That'd be a total bummer, and you'd probably need to replace it with real key lime pie.

If you end up loving Key Lime Pie, then you can explore other picnic-worthy flavors by Halo Top. One of them is Blueberry Crumble (which is giving me total blueberry pie vibes), and another is Lemon Cake (which sounds refreshing AF). If you'd rather sit around a campfire than pack for a picnic, you can even try Halo Top's S'mores flavor. There's something for everyone, especially in the summertime.

If you're hoping to stick with Key Lime Pie, though, make sure you stock up. Like I said, it'll only be around for a limited time this summer, so enjoy it while you can (whether you're at a picnic or not).