Starbucks’ Spring 2020 Cold Cups and Tumblers include Easter-inspired designs.

Starbucks Is Selling The Prettiest Pastel Cold Cups & Tumblers This Spring

Now that the end of winter is just around the corner, Starbucks is ensuring the leap into spring flavors is an extra colorful one. Along with the recent launch of a handful of brightly-hued drinks, the coffee giant released some seriously photogenic drink containers to complement your beverage of choice. Judging from the photos alone, it's safe to say Starbucks’ spring 2020 cold cups and tumblers will make you want to ensure your camera sips first as we head into the upcoming season.

While there's no denying Starbucks' lineup of beverages tends to be Instagram-worthy enough on its own, the coffee giant is making it so easy to keep that seasonal aesthetic with their rotating lineup of tumblers and reusable cups. Somehow, each collection manages to be more photogenic than the last, and I'm a big fan of the company's 2020 selection, which combines Easter-inspired designs with other looks inspired by all of the colors of the rainbow.

Some of favorites from the collection include a 16-ounce coral cold cup with a straw, which is decorated with plant and flower designs, and a 24-ounce tumbler that has a clear iridescent design at the top followed by layers of light pink, yellow, sky blue, and red at the bottom. Both are available for $18.95, making them the perfect pick for your cold grande or venti sips of choice.

Leaf Rakers Society/Facebook

As far as the Easter designs go, customers can pick from a choice of a 12-ounce mug, a 16-ounce tumbler, or a 16-ounce cold cup embellished with sketches of bunnies, easter eggs, chicks, and other festive motifs. Whether you opt for a royal blue, red, and pink tumbler or a pastel-hued container with a straw, you'll be paying just $12.95 for any of these Easter-inspired options.

There's also a five-pack of colorful reusable hot cups that come with a bunch of different Easter-inspired designs and hues that retail for $11.95 and are 16-ounces each. Instagram user @Natashas.Magical.Life said she didn't see a similar collection of reusable cold cups at her Target location. Starbucks says availability varies by location, but the spring merch is sold at company operated and licensed stores, which includes locations in airports and grocery stores.

I'd keep in mind that the spring collection's rollout is in its early days, and some Instagram users have commented that they've yet to see any of these new designs at their closest location. I'd recommend keeping an eye out on your next Starbucks run or heading to the grocery store or Target to scoop up your favorite designs before they run out.