You Can Get A Free Caramel Cloud Macchiato During Starbucks' Happy Hour Today

Courtesy of Starbucks

When it comes to delicious, caffeinated beverages, today might as well be called "thirsty Thursday" at Starbucks. The coffee company has a Happy Hour deal up its sleeve that involves free drinks, so clear your afternoon for a coffee run. More specifically, Starbucks' March 14 Happy Hour is a BOGO deal that'll send you home with a complimentary Frappuccino or espresso beverage. All you'll have to do is show up at the right time, redeem your offer, and score the free sips. I'm thirsty just thinking about it.

If you're a Starbucks Rewards member, you might've gotten an email on March 13 reminding you about the upcoming Happy Hour deal. If you didn't, I'll give you the deets. The coffee company's March 14 Happy Hour will be taking place after 3 p.m. local time at Starbucks locations. Anyone who visits and orders a grande (or larger) Frappuccino or handcrafted espresso beverage will get one of equal or lesser value on the house, per Starbucks' email. In other words, grab a friend, coworker, or family member and head to your local Starbucks. What's better than a free afternoon pick-me-up?

Plus, Starbucks' new Caramel Cloud Macchiato is included in the special — so if you haven't tried it yet, now's your chance. FYI, I think it's tasty AF.

Courtesy of Starbucks

If you're not feeling the new Cloud Macchiato espresso drinks, have no fear. You can explore different espresso and Frappuccino options right on Starbucks' website and decide which one you're craving. To check out the company's handcrafted espresso beverages, click here — and to see a list of its blended Frappuccino options, click here. When you're ordering your drink, just keep in mind that it must be a grande or larger to count towards the Happy Hour. If you're extra thirsty, that shouldn't be a problem.

There's one thing you should keep in mind while you're visiting Starbucks during its March 14 Happy Hour, though. You won't be able to score the BOGO deal with brewed coffee, Starbucks Reserve beverages, or ready-to-go drinks, according to Starbucks — but don't fret. The coffee haven offers Happy Hours on the reg, so maybe your go-to drink will be included in the next one. Keep your fingers crossed.

Now that you know about Starbucks' latest Happy Hour, you're probably curious about how you can get involved (especially if you didn't receive an email about it). Thankfully, the process is pretty simple — but you'll have to download the Starbucks mobile app.

Why is that, you ask? Well, the company recently made some changes to its Happy Hour notifications, which means non-Rewards members can't log onto a Happy Hour website and sign up for weekly deals anymore. Instead, they'll have to use the Starbucks app and sign up for the company's Rewards program to see the specials. In other words, if you haven't signed up yet, right now is a good time to do it.

Once you're all signed up and ready to go, you should be able to find Happy Hour deals inside your inbox within the Starbucks app. Then, you can redeem your offers when you visit Starbucks during its various Happy Hours — including the one taking place on March 14. If you're planning on visiting for a BOGO drink, bring a friend along and get thirsty.