Starbucks is selling Nitro Cold Brew Cans in three flavors.

Starbucks Is Selling Canned At-Home Nitro Cold Brew In 3 Smooth Flavors

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Starbucks

Get ready to enjoy your fave Starbucks Cold Brew when you're on the run. Starbucks is selling Nitro Cold Brew Cans in three tasty flavors that'll spice up your usual coffee routine. Here's what you need to know about the new canned pick-me-ups.

Starbucks released Ready-To-Drink Nitro Cold Brew on Wednesday, Feb. 26. The innovative beverage is infused with nitrogen, so the moment you open the can, there's a rush of microbubbles that'll deliver a velvety, smooth texture with each sip. You can pick up the beverage in three flavors: Black, which is an infusion of cold brew coffee with nitrogen; Dark Caramel, which features dark caramel flavors and a little sweetness to balance the strong black coffee; and Vanilla Sweet Cream, which includes tones of vanilla sweat cream throughout for smooth, luscious flavor. The 9.6-ounce cans are a permanent addition to Starbucks' at-home products, and you can find the canned Nitro Cold Brew at grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.49, and at convenience and gas stations for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

To celebrate the new product, Starbucks is also giving away a limited number of velour Nitro track jackets. The smooth jackets are even inspired by the velvety texture of the Nitro Cold Brew. To get your hands on the freebie, you'll need to head to the Nitro Giveaway website at 9:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Since the jackets are only available while supplies last, you'll want to claim yours ASAP.

Courtesy of Starbucks

The ready-to-drink Cold Brew variety comes after Starbucks expanded the availability of Starbuck's Nitro Cold Brew to locations in the United States last year. Starbuck's Nitro Cold Brew was initially launched in 2016, and quickly became a fan-favorite choice at the coffee chain. Infused with nitrogen to bring out the chocolate undertones of Cold Brew, the drink has a natural sweetness to it. Additionally, it has a distinctly smooth texture and is known for its lack of bitterness — you don't need to any cream or sweetener to this caffeinated pick-me-up. With the option to enjoy the Nitro Cold Brew in grab-and-go cans now, staying energized throughout the day is easier than ever.