Starbucks' Iced Maple Pecan Latte With Cold Foam Is Perfect For Fall Days That Still Feel Like Summer

Amanda Fama

I know it's officially "autumn" and everything, but it was almost 85 degrees in my town yesterday — and that ain't fall weather. In fact, it felt like summer outside, and I was kind of bummed out about it. I am mentally *ready* for PSLs, sweaters, and pumpkin patches — and sweating in the sun is no longer on my priority list. Unfortunately, sipping on a warm seasonal drink in the blazing heat isn't exactly enjoyable, and Starbucks understands that. In fact, the coffee company turned one of its fall staples into a cold beverage, and it's lovely. More specifically, Starbucks' Iced Maple Pecan Latte with Cold Foam tastes like the perfect drink for those unusually warm autumn days.

If you're a fan of Starbucks' fall coffee selections, you've probably already tried the company's original Maple Pecan Latte. It made its way back onto the menu on Sept. 18, 2018, giving customers the maple-pecan flavor combination they've been waiting for all year long (or is that just me?). Anyway, the company released the Maple Pecan Latte's iced counterpart on the same day (aka, the Iced Maple Pecan Latte with Cold Foam) — and if you haven't already tried it, you definitely should. The iced beverage will give you all of the autumn flavors without the heat, and it's super refreshing.

Amanda Fama

Luckily, I got to try the fall delicacy, and I was not disappointed. The barista who made my drink topped it off with a hefty portion of Cold Foam — and for that, I am thankful. (I love Cold Foam.) What made the Cold Foam even better was the dusting of autumn sugar on top of it. The sugar — which is also featured on the original Maple Pecan Latte — made my first sip extra sweet. Between the sweetness of the sprinkles and the fluffiness of the foam, my taste buds were already feeling great.

Once the actual Iced Maple Pecan Latte hit my tongue, I immediately tasted the espresso. However, the coffee flavor was tamed by subtle hints of maple syrup and pecans, which automatically put me in the fall spirit. Even though the flavors were faint, I could still taste the sweetness that they added to the bev'. In fact, the sugary taste of maple and pecans combined with the strong taste of espresso created a perfectly balanced coffee drink. What made it even better was the fact that it was iced — because I was able to sip it outside without getting too hot.

As a dedicated PSL enthusiast, I can confidently say that the Iced Maple Pecan Latte is a strong autumn contender. It's sweet — but not too sweet — and provides essential fall flavors without being overwhelming. Plus, it's topped with Cold Foam, which gives the drink an additional texture that's really enjoyable.

Once it gets a little chillier out, I'll probably opt for the original Maple Pecan Latte instead. But in the meantime, I'll be switching back and forth between the iced version and my unbeatable favorite, the Pumpkin Spice Latte.