The exterior of Starbucks' Grand Turk store is millennial pink and surrounded by palm trees.

This Starbucks Is Millennial Pink & The Tropical Spot You Need To Visit

Justin Okoye

Most of the time, you don't need a reason to travel. The idea of laying under palm trees, breathing in the salty air, and watching the sky turn pink is enough to make you grab your bags and go. But the Starbucks' Grand Turk store is millennial pink, and with one look at it, you're going to want to book a plane ticket to the Caribbean as soon as possible.

Is there really anything as magical as your go-to coffee shop dressing up in the pastel shade you've come to know and love? Especially in the peak of your next vacation, walking into this tropical spot and chilling on its outdoor patio seems like a total dream come true. If you close your eyes and cross your fingers, you might be able to imagine yourself walking up to the counter and placing an order for a Passion Tea Lemonade or Pink Drink.

That's why you need to drop everything, start packing your suitcase, and head to this new Starbucks store. Bring your spirit for adventure and scoring Insta-worthy pics along, OK?

Before you go to the airport with your stylish luggage in hand, though, here's the scoop on this location and what to expect. According to Starbucks' official press release, the signature drinks and food items you're used to ordering will be on the menu. This location also offers an atmosphere you just can't experience anywhere else.

Justin Okoye

The store itself is millennial pink and decorated with all kinds of tropical details to celebrate the culture of the area. On the outside, it blends into the cotton candy-colored sky with its pastel and white detailing, and has large windows that illuminate the inside of the store. According to the press release, on the inside, the store has a mural created by artist Maria Camila Bernal Toro of Remedios Art, that combines the beauty of the island with the iconic figure that graces every Starbucks cup: the Siren. The rest of the interior features wood accents, including round tables and chairs you can relax at.

Justin Okoye

Of course, if you want to enjoy the sunshine and salty air, you and your BFFs can go outside and sit at a table under the green umbrellas, enjoy your drinks, and have a photo shoot at this one-of-a-kind location. The store is located right on the cruise port, so you can watch the gigantic ships roll in and travelers run into this Starbucks location, which is the first of its kind on the islands of Turks and Caicos.

While you're sitting there, you may decide to place a second order or try the unique drink blends that are offered at this tropical spot. According to the press release, the menu will include beans from across the globe, including regions like the Asia-Pacific and Latin America, in addition to their usual arabica coffee. Or you can sit back, relax, and enjoy this last-minute vacay you booked to the Caribbean in the spirit of adventure and seeing everything millennial pink this world has to offer.