A group of friends hangs out in a bar on St. Patrick's Day, and wears flannels and green attire.

34 Captions For St. Patrick's Day 2020 & Having Golden Times


Holidays always give you something to look forward to, and now that it's March, you're gearing up for St. Patrick's Day. You're pulling green shirts and sweaters out of your drawers, and looking up parade schedules. To say the least, you're prepared for the festivities and brewery parties to come. St. Patrick's Day 2020 Instagram captions are probably the last thing you need before the big day.

Granted, you could purchase a few extra strands of sparkly beads or one of those clover-shaped headbands to wear at your bestie's apartment party, or wherever you may be celebrating. However, that's not necessary. In your opinion, your #look is basically complete, thanks to a sparkly dress or a T-shirt that reads, "Ready to shamrock and roll." It's even been approved by your crew who's been sending their outfits in the group chat, too, in between texts like, "Let's check out this parade," and "Should we order a green beer here?"

You're down to do it all. St. Patrick's Day might be one of your fave holidays because of the abundance of festivities, parties, and Instagram-worthy moments. No matter what you end up doing on March 17, these 34 captions will make sure you're ready to tap the share button.


1. "Get clover it, babe."

2. "Shamrockin' around the city."

3. "Wearing as much green as I can on St. Patrick's Day."

4. "The leprechauns made me do it."

5. "All she does is paddy, paddy, paddy."

6. "Cheers for green beers and golden times."

7. "Don't worry, beer happy."

8. "I be-leaf in the magic of St. Patrick's Day."

9. "I hope you know you're my lucky charm."

10. "Do they serve Lucky Charms here?"

11. "The most brew-tiful holiday there ever was."

12. "Not your average lucky charm."

13. "I really don't want this holiday to be clover."

14. "Your favorite leprechauns reporting for duty."

15. "Somewhere over the rainbow, there's a pot-'o-gold."

16. "Could use a pot-'o-gold right about now."

17. "Blame it on my Irish side."

18. "Who needs luck when you have besties like these?"

19. "Just drinking green beer and hanging out with my BFFs. How about you?"

20. "Running on green-frosted doughnuts and St. Patrick's Day vibes."

21. "I've never met a paddy I didn't like."

22. "Sweet, lucky, and hoppy."


23. "So, when do the shenanigans start?"

24. "Well, I didn't get the 'everyone's wearing green' memo."

25. "All leprechauns are welcome here."

26. "Leave the shenanigans to us."

27. "But first, let's celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

28. "The paddy doesn't start until I walk in."

29. "Catch me at the pub on this St. Patrick's Day."

30. "Irish we were celebrating this holiday across the pond."

31. "That wasn't very St. Patrick's Day of you."

32. "Make your inner leprechaun proud."

33. "Just took a DNA test. Turns out, I'm 100% Irish."

34. "If you couldn't already tell, it's St. Patrick's Day."