Two best friends pose next to a pool on a cloudy day while on spring break.

32 Captions For Las Vegas Pool Party Pics & Soaking Up The Fun

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With spring break only a few week away, you're probably having a tough time focusing on anything that isn't related to your packing list or fun in the sun. During your 8 a.m. classes, you're likely scrolling through resort pics and dreaming about the neon signs and electric vibes of Las Vegas. Prep for the endless sunshine and memories to come by gathering up a few captions for Las Vegas pool party pics.

The majority of your itinerary for the week will say, "pool party with my besties." In the morning, you might have a spa sesh scheduled, or a lovely breakfast at a restaurant with mimosas (if you're 21 or up). At night, you might head to a lively show or the casinos where you'll sip on some cocktails and try your luck at the slot machines. During the day, though, you'll be settled into a lounge chair by a pool that's blasting the hottest tunes and hosting fun contests on the hour. You'll be posing with palm trees that are conveniently located near the water and taking selfies in the sun.

In between dipping your toes in the water and wrapping yourself up in a towel, you'll want to post a picture on Instagram to show your followers what you're up to. Those radiant pics will require captions for Las Vegas pool party pics and soaking up the fun on spring break.

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1. "Hanging by the pool. How about you?"

2. "The pool party doesn't start until my crew walks in."

3. "Goal for the week: Take tons of pictures with this pool."

4. "Walking on Las Vegas sunshine."

5. "Spring break vibes and pool party times."

6. "What happens in Las Vegas stays on my Instagram feed."

7. "Orange you glad we went to this pool party?"

8. "Every party should have a pool. Send tweet."

9. "Girls just wanna have pool parties in Las Vegas."

10. "Just a bunch of mermaids on spring break."

11. "Hair up, sunnies on. Ready for a Las Vegas pool party."

12. "Find me wherever the pool floats are."

13. "Made for sunny days and beaming rays."

14. "The pool party is over? What the shell."

15. "Let's just hang by the pool in Las Vegas a little longer."

16. "I've never met a pool party I didn't like."

17. "Hey, summer weather. We think about you all the time."

18. "Has anyone seen my pineapple cup?"

19. "Livin' my best life in Las Vegas."

20. "But first, let's party near the pool."

21. "This vacation is one in a watermelon."

22. "The vacation vibes are real over here."

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23. "Been a pool party lover since birth."

24. "These are the pool parties we live for."

25. "Pretty content with life now that I'm poolside."

26. "That spring break feeling."

27. "Filling my camera roll with Las Vegas pics and sips."

28. "Come back tomorrow for the same picture but with a different bathing suit."

29. "I believe in the magic of pool parties and palm trees."

30. "Chilling in the pool with my besties... at night."

31. "Just loungin' around."

32. "I'm going to soak up the fun."