A group of friends poses for a selfie on the beach on a sunny day.

SI Swim & Vita Coco's New Campaign Celebrates Feeling Your Best

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You might have that one favorite bikini you always reach for when you're heading to the beach. Its print and cut make you want to take all the pictures and post them on IG with captions like, "Feeling fine in the sunshine." This suit may make you look good — but more importantly, it makes you feel good and completely confident. It fills your heart with unrelenting joy, and that's what Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Vita Coco's "Feel-Good Campaign" is aiming to celebrate.

According to the official press release from SI Swim and Vita Coco, during their first-ever digital search for models for SI Swim, the two brands are encouraging anyone who's interested in potentially snagging a feature in the upcoming 2021 issue to post a picture and 60-second video on Instagram doing what makes them "feel good." For you, this could mean posing with your dog during a game of fetch, snapping a picture during an exhilarating afternoon run, or taking a selfie when you're volunteering. Your picture might include the people you love, sharing an amazing meal in the background, or having a relaxing summer night of avocado facials and lemonade.

The "Feel-Good Campaign" encourages everyone to feel empowered and uninhibited in their health and wellness journey. Here's everything you should know about entering the campaign, and what to expect after you've tapped the "share" button.

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First up, let's talk about what your post on Instagram needs to include. If you've already taken your "feeling good" shot, don't forget to put these tags in your caption section: #SISwimSearch2021, #FeelGoodFuel, and @si_swimsuit. In addition, be sure to tag @si_swimsuit in your post. Then, wait to see if your post is selected.

The campaign will give select applicants a custom Sports Illustrated Swimsuit x Vita Coco Feel Good kit each Friday, as stated in the press release. On top of receiving this kit, these chosen applicants will be invited to one-on-one digital meetings, given exclusive tips, and have access to lots of special content with SI Swim editors and models, such as Camille Kostek, Brooks Nader, and Hayley Kalil. Vita Coco is planning to donate one dollar to Loveland Foundation — which was created by Rachel Cargle to lift up and heal communities of color — for the first 10,000 applicants.

The official Swim Search will also include a digital community that'll be live on Aug. 3, 2020. There, contestants throughout the globe will be asked to register, as well as submit at 60-second video and self photo for the editors to consider.

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"It’s an incredible opportunity for women who aspire to be part of our brand, and a chance for all of us to celebrate unique beauty and draw awareness to inspiring stories that might otherwise go untold," MJ Day, Editor in Chief of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stated in the press release.

By pairing with Vita Coco, Day hopes the 2021 Swim Search is a reminder "that beauty has no boundaries." It's not about how you look in your fave cheetah-printed bikini or coral one-piece, even if it's your favorite. The beauty within you and that shines out of you is what truly counts, and it comes from feeling good. Show the world what makes you feel good and enter Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Vita Coco's "Feel-Good Campaign" right now.

Applicants must be 18 years or older to participate. You can find more information on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's website.