Sophie Turner attends the Grammy Awards.

Sophie Turner Shared A Messy Pic From Her Bachelorette Party & It’s Amazing

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Sophie Turner is an icon in her own right. She pulls off any look she puts on, can chug wine with the best of them, and has no problem spilling ~the tea~ at any given moment. Her social media is chock full of silly moments, and if you ever need a good laugh, her Instagram is a good place to turn. In fact, her latest social media post is as iconic as it gets. Sophie Turner’s bachelorette party Instagram pic is a must-see.

There's a new trend circulating Instagram where followers ask friends (or celebrities) to "post a pic of" something of their choosing. The trend has spread like wildfire, and, like the social media aficionado she is, Turner hopped on board to share some never-before-seen throwbacks. When one of her followers asked if she would post a pic of her June 2019 bachelorette party, she had no problem doing so and it. was. everything.

Turner's pic showed her wearing a bright orange wig, a "bride to be" sash, a camouflage mini dress, and a garter around her leg. The best part of all was Turner's caught-off-guard facial expression. Let's just say she didn't seem prepared for the candid moment.

You can see Turner's throwback pic from her bachelorette party below.

Turner's response to the question was especially exciting seeing as she didn't share many memories from her bachelorette night to begin with. The festivities were said to have taken place in in Benidorm, Spain, but the photos were few and far between.

In photos taken before their plane ride, it was revealed Turner invited Game of Thrones co-star Maisie Williams on the trip, as well as a bunch of other friends.

It turns out Turner wasn't the only one who wore a colorful wig for the bachelorette bash. In pics shared by her pal India Walford, all the ladies sported neon hair.

Turner is now a married woman (she and Joe Jonas said "I do: in June 2019) but there's nothing like taking a walk down memory lane to one of her last wild nights of single-dom.