Sofia Richie Says She's Starting A Bikini Line & A Beauty Line With Hair & Body Products

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Hot Girl Summer 2.0 is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll be celebrating. If you spent your winter like I did, hibernating and looking at Instagrams of people in tropical places soaking up the sun, you’re ready for beach time. And the ex-model, influencer, and daughter of Lionel Richie has been hard at work. That’s right, Sofia Richie is releasing a line of bikinis.

“A lot of people just become models because they’re influencers,” Richie told “We would all get the same jobs, be in the same space, and be labeled the same thing, and I hated it. It made me step back and be like, OK, I’m a creative individual and I want to be smart, start my own businesses, do something I can do on my own.’” The answer was right in front of her: bikinis.

“I feel like my following is always fascinated by the bikinis I’m wearing,” Richie said. If you’ve scrolled through Richie’s Instagram, you’ve noticed bikinis are right up her alley. Her photos often involve her sitting pool or beachside or on a boat or even maybe in a bodega, almost always in a super cute bikini. She owns so many, Richie’s not even sure how many bikinis she has. (“Like, 50 or 60?” she said) With her bathing suit photos consistently getting over 400,000 likes, it’s safe to assume her over 6,000,000 followers are fans of Richie’s eternal summer vibes.

This info comes a month after Richie announced that she won’t be appearing in the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Her reasoning is that she wants to focus on pursuing a career in acting. As for the rest of her big plans, they include launching a beauty line consisting of hair and body products, a YouTube channel, and eventually expanding her bikini collection into a full-on fashion line. “It’s time to start hustling,” Richie said. “2020 is about no fear, and I’m doing things that would usually make me very uncomfortable.”

With her fingers in so many pies, 2020 is bound to be a big year for Richie. And, while there is currently no info on when fans can expect to see Richie’s bikini line or beauty line, they can only hope that with summer’s approach, more details may be coming soon. Hot Girl Summer 2.0, here we come.

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