Snooki Just Gave Ronnie Magro Some Advice On How To Deal With His Drama With Jen Harley

by Hollee Actman Becker
Rich Polk/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Ronnie Magro and his on-and-off girlfriend, Jen Harley, have broken up once again, and now his castmate Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is offering her reality show roommate some sage advice. Magro and Harley's relationship drama has been playing out on social media for some time now, as the two try to raise their new daughter, Ariana Sky, together. The whole thing is just so sad, and Polizzi recently got real in an interview with Us Weekly about the way she thinks Magro should be handling the complicated partnership. And you know what? Snooki's advice to Ronnie Magro is pretty straightforward, IMHO.

"You need Jesus, bro," Polizzi — who is also a parent and currently pregnant with Baby No. 3 — quipped to the publication before turning serious. "No, we’ve been talking to him, and you know, he just needs a clear headspace. That’s all he needs. He needs to realize what’s important in life, and that’s his daughter. And I think he realizes that now. He’s going to be fine."

I definitely think Polizzi has a point here. I know her co-star has been through the wringer with his relationship this year, but his 9-month-old baby girl, Ariana, will always come first no matter what — despite whatever is going on between him and Harley.

Despite spending the second half of 2018 trying to work on their relationship, according to a Jan. 2 report from Us Weekly, Magro and Harley reportedly broke up on New Year's Eve following a big fight. Elite Daily reached out to Magro’s team for comment at the time but did not hear back by the time of publication. A source gave Us Weekly the following statement:

They broke up before New Year’s Eve, got back together right before then and got in a big fight on Monday night. They’re currently broken up. But it’s the same story every time: They are together, they fight, they break up and then get back together. They fight — a lot. They have a very volatile relationship. It’s either great or the total opposite.

Ugh. It sounds like this relationship has really run its course, so maybe it's time for the two to make a clean break and split for good.

Meanwhile, Polizzi and Ortiz-Magro’s castmate Vinny Guadagnino also recently shared his feelings with Us Weekly about Magro and all of his ongoing drama with Harley.

"I reached out over the last couple of weeks and just said, 'Yo, I’ve got your back,'" he explained at the premiere of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club on Jan. 7. "I’m watching with the rest of the world right now and he is obviously going through some stuff, so I’m there for him and I hope he works it all out."

Same, Vin. Here's hoping 2019 will finally bring some type of resolution for the couple, so that they can finally resolve all of their issues for the sake of that beautiful child.