Snapchat’s new 3D Paint feature will help you take super creative selfies.

Snapchat Just Released A 3D Paint Feature To Upgrade Your Selfies

Courtesy of Clara Bacou

While there's no shortage of lenses and filters to take your selfie game to the next level, Snapchat's newest update is a DIY approach that encourages you to get creative with your snap. If you've ever wanted to channel your inner Van Gogh, Snapchat’s new 3D Paint feature is here to help you do that. Here's how to try your hand at the brand new update, which will begin rolling out on Wednesday, Oct. 30.

Snapchat users know that the social media platform has experimented with the world of 3D in the past, courtesy of the tech giant's introduction of 3D Camera Mode back in September. Using Apple's Face ID technology, users are able to craft snaps that were able to capture a three-dimensional "perspective and appearance." While the feature is definitely fun to play around with, some users were disappointed that while everyone can receive these snaps, only Snapchatters who have an iPhone X or newer could actually create these snaps due to the need for Face ID technology.

Luckily, all you need is iOS 8+ to access the all-new 3D Paint, which will be rolling out as soon as Oct. 30, according to a Snapchat spokesperson. Unlike the majority of lenses and filters, which are pre-made by the Snapchat team or select community members, 3D Paint lets you create your own individual looks in the app by drawing directly on the front facing and the world facing cameras.

So, not only can you sketch doodles to personalize your selfies, but you can add a fun, customized element to your snaps of the world around you. Again, the drawings you choose to illustrate your snaps with are completely up to you, so the options are really endless here.

If you're ready to get started, I'd first make sure that your app is updated to iOS 8+ before you open your Snapchat app and then head to the "Create" area of your Augmented Reality (AR) bar. From there, you can select the 3D Paint option and get to doodling and having fun with the feature before sending it to your friends or your Snap Story.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Unfortunately, if you're an Android user, the AR Bar will be rolling out "in the coming months," so I'd keep checking back to see when the new feature is implemented.

Whether or not you're an iOS user, I'd keep an eye out for many new "Create" opportunities for you to show off your artistic side as the company continues to develop its AR capabilities. In the meantime, both iOS and Android users can play around with the company's six new Halloween 2019 lenses, which are available in Lens Explorer and feature several terrifying ways to infuse your selfies with the scariest makeovers of the year.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Whether you're looking to channel your inner Medusa or you want to try on a goth version of the Game of Thrones Night King with the "Pierced" lens, I'd check them out on your Lens Carousel and try them on for fit before Oct. 31 comes to an end.