Up Your Snap Streaks With These Snapchat Spectacles 2 Black Friday Savings


Since Snapchat helped users capture their world from a new perspective with Spectacles version 2 back in April, I've been wanting to get my hands on a pair. The problem? The camera glasses — which come with a sleeker, more stylish design and updated functionality compared to 2016's model — normally retail for $150. Luckily, if you've been looking to jump on the tech bandwagon, these Snapchat's Black Friday deals on Spectacles 2 will help you get the Snap accessory at a discount. Get ready to up all your Snap streaks, because you'll actually want to bring these chic camera glasses everywhere.

On Friday, Nov. 23, Snapchat fanatics can head to the social media platform's app or website to get their hands on the newest model of Spectacles at 30 percent off, according to press materials, and I'm so here for these savings.

Per a rep, there will be two different options to choose from during the sale period, which will last the weekend from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. The latest styles of Spectacles 2, which normally retails for $199 and features trendy frames and styles, will be marked down $60 to $139. Spectacles 2 Original will also be on sale, and retail for just $99 compared to the normal price tag of $149.


If you need a refresher on Snapchat's Spectacles 2, here's why you'll definitely want to give these tech-savvy sunglasses a try. I'll admit I was a little skeptical when the photo-snapping platform first rolled out the camera glasses back in 2016. The older model was limited to video, there was an awkward yellow recording ring on the lens signifying that you were being recorded, and I personally wasn't a fan of the appearance, which included teal and coral pink frames. They definitely alerted everyone nearby that you were wearing the Spectacles, which kind of defeats the purpose, in my opinion. The point is to feel comfortable about recording your life, and I think version 2's sleeker and more discreet style and increased functionality (yay, photos!) makes it a winning upgrade.

Not only is the yellow recording ring gone, but you can also snap videos and photos underwater (which makes for some pretty awesome visual effects), purchase Spectacles with prescription lenses, and enjoy easier exports to your phone via bluetooth instead of a QR code. In addition to increased battery life, charging capabilities, and an extra microphone for better sound quality, the glasses themselves also look like something you'd actually wear while sunbathing by the pool. Spectacles 2 comes in black, red, and sapphire blue models with either a more natural or mirrored lens, so you have the option to pick and choose a pair that fits with your individual style.

Spectacles 2 comes with some pretty major updates, and considering that the older Spectacles model generally retails for a $129.99 price tag, I think you'll definitely want to take advantage of this limited-time holiday offer and save on your new specs. You have from Friday, Nov. 23 through Cyber Monday to check out the different styles, so don't sleep on making some moves to up your Snap game.