Snapchat Released New Spectacles & They're Totally Worth Splurging On

by Collette Reitz

Sharing photos and videos with your besties on Snapchat is a fun way to stay in touch with one another throughout the year. Sometimes, though, you want to capture a moment without angling the camera on your phone just right (or risk dropping it when you have to extend your arm so you can fit everyone in the frame). Enter Snapchat Spectacles. Snapchat recently released an updated version of its high-tech glasses, and you'll likely want to shell out the cash for a pair of your own once you see what they can do. So, how much do Snapchat Spectacles cost?

The price tag for these multifunctional specs might be a little higher than you'd like, but according to Snap Inc., there are plenty of improvements included in this new iteration of Snapchat Spectacles. The new Snapchat Spectacles are available on the Spectacles website in the United States and Canada as of April 26. A pair of the new Snapchat Spectacles will cost you $150, and it includes a charging case and cable for the glasses. I know, it's a little more money than the gas station sunnies you picked up on your last road trip, but take a look at everything you can do with the Snapchat Spectacles.

First off, you can choose from three different colors (onyx, ruby, and sapphire), and two different lens shades are available for each color. You can basically make sure your glasses look exactly the way you like them.

Snap Inc.

Once you decide which one is your favorite color combo, you'll notice the glasses are more lightweight as compared to the original version that was released in November 2016. Per Snap Inc., the tech components have been sized down, making the temple area of the Spectacles (where the camera is housed) about one-third smaller than the original glasses. This provides an overall sleeker look. Thanks to the pared down electronics, the charging case is also 20 percent smaller, so it will be easier to store them when you're not using them. You'll likely be using your new Spectacles a lot, though.

Plus, since the new Spectacles are water resistant, you can take them along on every beach and pool day this summer. You can even do your best Ariel impression as you capture all the summer moments "Under the Sea," because per Snap Inc., the new Spectacles have the ability to take photos or videos in shallow water. Seriously, your summertime Snap Stories are about to be lit AF.

So, how does all of this Spectacles technology work? Well, it's improved from the OG Spectacles, and all you need to do in order to take a circular photo or record up to 30 seconds of video is press the button on the top of the Spectacles. Every moment you capture with Spectacles is transferred in HD to your Snapchat Memories, and the new dual microphones on the Spectacles will give your videos the highest quality sound yet.

You won't have to wait around forever to view your videos in Snapchat, because the new transfer process from the Spectacles to Snapchat has been cut down from nine seconds per video to less than three seconds.

Snap Inc.

OK, everything about the Spectacles sounds pretty awesome already. I mean, you can take photos and videos with the tap of a button, and it's a seemingly hassle-free way to capture all the moments you want to remember. As someone who has been wearing prescription glasses since the fifth grade, this next bit of news about the new Spectacles is what nearsighted dreams are made of. Spectacles users in the United States can order prescription and polarized lenses (!!!), thanks to Snap's partnership with Lensabl.

The new Spectacles are good for more than taking all the fun photos and videos (the glasses can store up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos). Per Snap, Inc., the glasses pass UVA and UVB ratings — so you won't have to squint or shield your face with your hand as you have fun in the sun.

Snap Inc.

All in all, the Spectacles sounds like a great way to stay hands-free as you hang out with your squad and take all the group photos (sans selfie stick). Plus, with the sleeker design, you'll be able to keep it fashionable as you take all the photos and videos.

Again, I know the price tag is a little high, but you can save up and play Snapchat's new Snappables while you wait to buy your own pair of the new Spectacles. If you haven't yet heard, Snappables is a series of games that were released on a rolling basis on April 25, and you can play games against your friends using controls like facial expressions, touch, and motion. Basically, it's a great way to beat boredom — and with Snappables and the new and improved Spectacles, I doubt you'll ever be bored again.