Here's The Truth About Whether It's Worth Celebrating Your Six-Month Anniversary

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to celebrate a milestone? When you’re dating someone new, every month you’re together feels like a reason to party, especially when the half-year mark rolls around. Should you celebrate your six-month anniversary, or is it silly to be looking forward to such minor occasions?

No doubt you’ve had friends who make every single relationship moment into a huge event. One month? Pop the champagne. Two months? Instagram official. Three months? Sunset cruise. (I’m getting carried away here, but you get the picture.) So are you totally crazy if you just want to keep things low-key? Or, on the other hand, is it extra AF to be proud of every milestone you share together?

Truthfully, everyone is different! What you choose to celebrate is ultimately up to you. Relationship and etiquette expert April Masini encourages couples to do whatever feels right for them. “Some couples like to celebrate small steps — while others prefer to celebrate the broad strokes,” she tells Elite Daily. “In fact, some couples like to celebrate not just typical anniversaries, but the anniversary of a first date, a first kiss, an engagement, etc. This can be very normal and positive.”

But it’s also totally normal to want to celebrate only major milestones. If you just can’t get behind the idea of a six-month anniversary, don’t fret. There are other ways to show love that don’t always involve doing anything major. Many couples tend to be more vocal and up-front about their feelings from the start, so they may not feel the need to put specific focus on any monthly milestones. Other couples love a good excuse for a fancy date, so they might block out specific days on the calendar to celebrate each other. There really is no "normal" these days, so the two of you can do whatever feels right for you.

Stocksy/Alexey Kuzma

If you do want to celebrate the small stuff, there are easy ways to make sure it doesn’t take away from any larger milestones. Masini says, “If you’re concerned about that, then just make sure to keep the incremental celebrations calibrated in accordance with the actual anniversary celebrations. For instance, don’t throw an anniversary party or take a big trip for a six-month anniversary, and then show up with a card and a rose for the one-year anniversary.” Major anniversaries should obviously hold the most weight, and you can keep it light and fun with the smaller ones.

How do you drop the hint to your partner that you’d like to celebrate six months? “Communication is key in all relationships,” says Melissa Diamond, host of the dating podcast He Said What. “If you want to celebrate an anniversary just be honest and vocal!” There’s no shame in being proud of the love you have and wanting to put it on display. “Whether it’s large or small milestones,” Diamond tells Elite Daily, “your partner will appreciate the added effort in expressing feelings to one another.”

No matter how big you’re hoping the celebration will be, you should let your partner know that six months is an important milestone for you and you hope they’ll treat it as such. “Drop hints and clues so your partner knows what your expectations are,” Masini notes. And if you’ve got something specific in mind, spell it out! This will make sure you’re both on the same page.

Whatever anniversaries you choose to celebrate, know that your relationship is worth taking pride in. “Love is something to celebrate, especially when it’s new!” Diamond says. “Every couple is different … but that should never determine how you and your partner live your lives.” Know that whatever feels significant to you is definitely a big deal. Now, break out those champagne glasses — you made it six months, baby!