9 People Describe What They Were Wearing On Their First Date With Their Partner
by Jamie Kravitz
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People say first impressions are everything, so the decision of what to wear on a first date isn't one to be taken lightly. You want to be comfortable and feel confident in whatever you choose, while also highlighting your individual style and letting your personality shine through. The best first date outfit is one that is unique to you, but if you need inspiration, I totally get it. No matter how much you shop or how full your closet is, you somehow never have anything to wear for important events like a first date — especially one with someone who could turn out to be really special.

I asked nine women about the exact outfit they wore on their first date with their current partner, and their answers were all adorably honest. Whether it's a dress they'd wear again in a heartbeat or a sweater they slightly regret putting on that day, each of these women managed to woo their S.O. while in these outfits, so they clearly wore them well.

In the end, it's not necessarily the outfit itself that you'll remember months or years later, but the person you were with and the memories you made together. That being said, putting your best foot forward (in a very cute shoe, of course) can't hurt your chances.

An outfit your mother would approve of.
I was sick of going out with guys who obviously were just trying to hook up when I wanted something more serious. My mom suggested I always wear turtlenecks on dates and in my dating app photos so guys don't 'get the wrong idea,' as she put it... which is, of course, a completely ridiculous idea. I wasn't going to walk around 24/7 in huge turtlenecks. But I decided to experiment with one date outfit that involved a high neckline, just to see if my mom had a point. On my next date, I wore a black crewneck sweater, a short black skirt, black tights, and black heeled ankle boots. That date happened to be with the guy who is now my boyfriend. Months later, I brought up the turtleneck thing to him and he thought it was preposterous, because he apparently thought I looked hot, even in my sweater.

— Hannah, 25

A dress fit for a modern-day princess.
Mine was the same H&M burgundy floral lace slip dress that the main character of A Christmas Prince wore! It was a mid-August date and I wore it with light pink Converse low-tops. Our first date was three months before the movie aired, but I realized in December when I was watching that I own the dress! My boyfriend and I watched the movie together, so we both realized that the dress she was wearing in that scene is the dress, as we refer to it.

— Wandy, 23

A reliable going out top.
I was wearing a standard "going out" tank top, dark jeans, and black booties.

— Adrienne, 26

Something sexy, yet understated.
It was a kind of sheer chiffon top with a bralette underneath, paired with grey jeans and a leather jacket, which I hoped cumulatively said, 'I'm trying to look sexy... but, like, in a cool and understated way.'
He was wearing jeans, a navy cable knit jumper, and brown loafers, and I remember thinking how impossibly cute and English he looked.

— Gen, 25

Your signature print.
On my first date with my boyfriend, I wore a bright pink sweater and a navy and white gingham puffer vest, with jeans and navy ankle booties. I will always remember this because I wear a lot of gingham — I may as well dedicate a section of my closet to the print. And he recently told me he likes when I wear it, because it reminds him of our first date!

— Cara, 24

Something stylish and simple, with the perfect accessory.
I wore black jeans, a white, off-the-shoulder crop top with a leather jacket because it was kind of cold, a little flower necklace, and chunky heels.

— Jenna, 25

Something you feel comfortable in.
It was a casual and cozy tea place in the winter. [I wore a] black waffle knit cardigan, black and white striped tee, rinse wash skinny jeans, and brown booties.

— Madison*, 21

Your work uniform.
It was actually a grocery store uniform. My girlfriend and I met at Smart & Final (a grocery store where we both worked) and went on our first date after work one day. I was in my uniform which made me look like a Boy Scout, and we went for boba. It was so sweet. Been together ever since.

— Taylor, 23

The first thing you see.
I thought we were just going to grab a quick beer and talk shop, but I had a really long day and wanted to cancel. I decided last minute to force myself to go, so I threw on the first thing I saw in my closet, or maybe it was on my floor. A plain white t-shirt, olive green corduroy pants, and brown boots. It couldn't have been that horrible of an outfit because he asked me to marry him a couple years later.

— Marissa, 26

No matter what you choose to wear on your date, you're sure to rock it. After all, there's no sexier accessory than confidence.

*Name has been changed.

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